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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic V13 Nursery Pots Poland

The growth of purple pearls is suitable for temperatures of 15-25 °(plastic grow pots), and not less than 5 ° in winter; watering in the growing season is dry, and water can be sprayed around the plants when the air is dry, but the leaf surface, especially the center of the leaf cluster, should not accumulate water, otherwise it will Causes disgust; fertilization during the growing period is generally about once every 20 days(162 cell plug trays supplier). In winter, keep it indoors in the sun.

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Purple pearls do not have much demand for water(gallon nursery pots). When the air is dry, water can be sprayed around the plants, not to the leaves and the heart. In winter, move into the indoor sunny place for maintenance. The medium can be a mixed soil of peat, vermiculite and perlite, and an appropriate amount of bone meal is added(50 cell plant trays bulk). Red claws should be watered or not, the principle of watering should be poured, and the water should be controlled in cold weather.(bulk buy cheap plastic v13 nursery pots poland)

Generally speaking, succulent purple pearls have no obvious dormant period, the growth temperature is 15-25, and the temperature is not less than 5 degrees Celsius in winter(square nursery pots). There is not much demand for water. Control watering, when the air is dry, you can sprinkle water around the plant, do not water the leaf surface and leaf heart, so as not to rot(200 cell plug trays supplier). If the temperature is below about 3 degrees, do not water the red claws, just keep the red claw pot soil dry.

(bulk buy cheap plastic v13 nursery pots poland)Old piles refer to old succulent plants that have grown for many years and have obvious trunks or branches(plug trays). It takes 1-2 years to develop old piles, and 3-5 years to develop more, and depends on the growth of meat. If time is lost, the florists don't need to do anything, and the succulents will form old piles themselves(50 cell seed trays wholesale). The branches of the apricots have branches, and when they are clustered, they bloom very spectacularly.

Of course, there is another situation, that is, the use of succulent plants to make fake old piles(cell trays). Put the succulents in a place where there is no light, and let them grow long, and then break off the lower leaves to make succulent "old piles". However, there are many places that can be transformed with the old pile developed by this method, and different flower friends will also have different styles of old pile works(200 cell plant trays bulk). Many businesses do this for profit, and the method is also very simple.

The main purpose of is to keep the shape of the succulent plant neat(propagation tray). Focus on pruning over-dense overlapping branches, irregular crossing branches, unsuitable long branches and sprouting branches at the base, as well as dead branches, disease and insect branches, etc(seed planting trays wholesale). It is suitable for the plants of Crassulaceae, Keqifeng, Kelania, Keelaceae, Jihong Komatsu, pruning period is better after flowering or after deciduous.(bulk buy cheap plastic v13 nursery pots poland)

In order to increase the germination rate, the seeds need to be sown more densely, without covering the soil after sowing(gallon plant pot). General old piles of succulents are Crassulaceae plants. During the growing season, they should be thoroughly watered. In the summer, in addition to shading, watering should be controlled(32 cell plant trays bulk). The growing season is spring and autumn, when the potted soil is completely dry and then watered. In summer, shade is needed to reduce watering.

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