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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic V14 Nursery Pots France

No matter which method is adopted, the interface (including brick wood section) and the upper end of scion must be closed tightly to achieve good results(plastic plant pots wholesale). The cutting method is suitable for rootstocks with a diameter of 2-4 star meters(8 cell trays bulk). The cutting surface of scion is 35cm long, and the cutting surface made by splicing the xylem should be straight, and then it should be cut into a small equine section about 0.5cm at the end of the back.

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In recent years, this method has also been used in seedling grafting(succulent plug trays). The cut cortex should be retained, or partially retained, in order to facilitate the insertion of sugar. When inserting the sugar, insert the long cutting face inward into the magnetic wood incision, so that the formation layer of both sides is aligned with the tight joint(36 cell trays bulk). If the brick wood incision is too wide, it can be aligned with one side, and it should not be inserted to the end.

(bulk buy cheap plastic v14 nursery pots france)Then, it is very important to bind and moisturize the cut-off interface, not only to prevent the wrong position of the joint, but also to be tight and tight(plastic seedling trays). It is better to tightly wrap the pulse with plastic strips and channels, which can make the formation layer closely connected and moisturized. It can also be wrapped with plastic film and tightened with packing rope(12 cell trays bulk). The top of the joint shall be sealed with wax or paint (Fig. 6-7).

Some tree species have better skin toughness(plug flats wholesale). After cutting the section, select the smooth part straight down and slightly with the xylem cutting interface. The length of the incision is the same as that of the long cutting surface of the scion. The method of inserting skin is also called subcutaneous grafting(6.5inch plastic plant pots). It is suitable for magnetic wood with diameter more than 3cm. The cutting part of kumuluo is the same as that of Laojie.(bulk buy cheap plastic v14 nursery pots france)

If the base wood is thick, it can be directly inserted from the middle of the phloem and xylem without incision into the joint groove, which is called bag joint(plastic succulent pots). The split joint has a certain clamping force, so it is not necessary to take any measures to protect the moisture of the joint: if the rootstock is thin and the clamping force is small, the plastic strip or packing rope can be used to tie tightly and then keep the moisture(4 cell trays bulk). There should be 2-3 buds in each of them.

(bulk buy cheap plastic v14 nursery pots france)This method can be used for mulberry, etc.(nursery pots canada), but before inserting the joint, it is necessary to use a flat and smooth bamboo or wood stick to pry the joint along the cortex to facilitate the insertion of the joint. The interface of the skin joint is bound and cast, and the moisture is cut together(18 cell trays bulk). To open the cortex, make the scion long and inward from the middle of the rootstock incision, and insert it between the tough cortex and the xylem.

After grafting, the interface should be protected immediately to prevent the interface and scion losing water from affecting the survival of the union(1.5 gallon plant pot). The method of cutting and grafting is usually inserted in the bare part of the trunk and branch of the tree. When grafting, it does not cut and stick, but still retains the branch above the interface, so it is also called waist grafting(6 cell trays bulk). This method is often used for grafting of walnuts, especially for high grafting.(bulk buy cheap plastic v14 nursery pots france)

Wrap the cut skin firmly and bind it. When inserting the Jiede(6 inch plastic nursery pots), pay attention to make the back of the connector align with the center of the base wood incision, and the upper part of the front should also be exposed white, leaving about 0.4cm. This method is easy to operate, easy to master and has good effect, but it can only be carried out when the glued wood is peeled(7.48inch plastic plant pots). The difference is that the base is cut immediately after the scion is inserted.

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