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Bulk Buy Cheap Seed Starter Tray UK

In the process of mulberry tree carving(potting containers wholesale), the fertilization of mulberry leaves on the surface can make up for the lack of fertilization in the soil, and can timely and effectively supplement the mineral nutrients necessary for mulberry growth(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer). Be sure to spray according to the concentration specified in the product manual, not too high or too low. 

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So what are the precautions for applying mulberry leaf fertilizer(14 inch plant pot)? At present, there are quite a few foliar fertilizer varieties at home and abroad, but only a few are specially developed for mulberry gardens, and the rest are generally broad-spectrum. Therefore, be sure to choose products that have been tested and proven to be effective(cheap 2 gallon container). The mulberry leaves must be sprayed on both sides, especially on the back of the mulberry leaves.

(bulk buy cheap seed starter tray uk)Foliar fertilizer introduced to increase mulberry yield in our county(viagrow nursery pots). Excessive concentration of fertilizer solution may burn mulberry leaves or inhibit the growth of mulberry trees. Spray 2 times in each silkworm period, the first spray 3-7 days before harvesting, and the second spray 10 days later, so the last spray can be separated from a large number of leaves for about 15 days(bulk half gallon pots), and the fertilizer effect can be fully exerted. .

Most leaf fertilizer varieties are acidic and should not be mixed with alkaline pesticides(288 plug tray). In order to save leaf fertilizer, it can be sprayed on the young leaves or new shoots in a concentrated way, and the old leaves can be sprayed correspondingly with no dripping(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). The time is chosen to spray in the morning after the dew dries or in the evening when there is no wind, to avoid spraying under the scorching sun, and it can be sprayed all day.

The cuticle is thin, with stomata distributed, and the fertilizer can easily penetrate into the mesophyll and function(14 inch plastic plant pots). Treated with 0.1% phytic acid + 0.5% sorbic acid, it can be kept fresh for 1 week at room temperature. The second fertilization was performed in the later stage of the rosette, and 2.5 kg of pure nitrogen and 4 kg of potassium oxide were applied per acre(7 gallon pots manufacturer). If it rains within 6 hours after spraying, spray again.(bulk buy cheap seed starter tray uk)

In addition, everyone is reminded that spraying leaf fertilizer per acre of mulberry trees should be targeted according to mulberry growth and soil fertility(soil block trays). For example, the mulberry tree grows slowly, the leaves are yellow. It can be sprayed with a large amount and micronutrient-based leaf fertilizer, or a nitrogenous fertilizer with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer(1 gallon pots manufacturer). The weight loss of uncovered bags is 2.65%, and only 0.1% of covered bags.

(bulk buy cheap seed starter tray uk)"Yelubao" developed and produced by the China Sericulture Research Institute was conducted after a small-scale demonstration test at the sericulture station in our county to avoid damage to the fruit(polystyrene plant trays). The effect is to reduce weight loss. Secondly, it can significantly prolong the storage period(gallon planters supplier). Although it is not a direct fertilizer for crops, it has a better effect on some sodium-loving crops, and the soil fertility is not high.

The production of 1000 kg of green cauliflower requires 2.5 kg of pure nitrogen, 1.1 kg of phosphorus pentoxide, and 2.9 kg of potassium oxide(14 inch flower pot). Before planting, 2500 kg of organic fertilizer, 100 kg of bio-organic compound fertilizer, 50 kg of urea, 20-25 kg of superphosphate, and 30 kg of potassium sulfate were applied(2 gallon pots manufacturer). For the first fertilizer application, 4 kg of pure nitrogen and 6 kg of potassium oxide were applied per acre.

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