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Bulk Buy Cheap Shallow Germination Trays

Plug seedlings are a modern and advanced seedling system for cultivating transplantable seedlings in a tray of the same size and cluster of holes(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The seeds are dispensed by manual or automated machinery into the wells of the trays that have been filled with the seedling substrate, and the seedlings are grown in their respective wells until they can be transplanted. The roots of each seedling are completely self-contained in their respective holes(20 cell plug trays supplier). The roots of the plug seedlings preserve a large number of root hairs.(bulk buy cheap shallow germination trays)

As long as the plug seedlings are removed from the holes, they can be transplanted to open fields or larger containers(plastic nursery pots). Compared with traditional seedbed seedlings or open tray seedlings, the main advantages of plug seedlings are summarized as follows: the time of transplantation is shortened. After transplanting, the seedling period is short and the growth is rapid and tidy. Transplantation is not easy to damage the roots, not roots(40 cell plug trays supplier). The plant can be flowered, fruited in advance, and grows neatly, and the growth period is shortened, so the unit area benefit is increased.

Mechanized sowing and transplanting save labor(black plastic nursery pots). Reduce the loss caused by untimely transplanting. Reduce the chance of disease transmission. In the first stage, the radicle protrudes from the seed, which requires a large amount of water and oxygen around the seed. After the radicle appears, it enters the second stage, the radicle continues to grow, and the young stems and cotyledons appear(104 cell plug trays supplier). At this stage, the demand for oxygen in the rhizosphere increases, so care should be taken to reduce the water.(bulk buy cheap shallow germination trays)

The first and second stages are collectively called the germination stage(wholesale nursery pots). In the third stage, the true leaves appeared to all the true leaves. In the fourth stage, the seedlings grow, refine, prepare for transportation and transplant. The third and fourth stages are collectively referred to as the growth stage. It is divided into different stages because each development has different requirements for the environment and planting conditions(105 cell seed trays wholesale). The control of humidity, oxygen, temperature and light during this period is crucial to the success of the production of the plug.

(bulk buy cheap shallow germination trays)The first stage of germination requires the highest temperature, and the subsequent stages gradually decrease(plug trays wholesale). The humidity requirements of most crops are highest in the first stage, and the second stage begins to decrease to favor root growth. The requirement for light is gradually increased as the seed germinated to the growth of the seedling. The demand for nutrients is the lowest in the first phase(sureroot plug trays bulk), because seed germination does not require too much nutrients and will gradually increase after the first phase.

At the time of transplantation, due to different environmental requirements at different stages(plastic nursery pots wholesale), the grower can reasonably arrange the production after clarifying the specific needs of the crops or varieties that he produces, and to meet the needs of the seedlings at different stages. The grower can move the plug to a specific environmental condition, or adjust the environmental conditions without moving the tray(200 cell seed trays wholesale). The purpose is to create the most suitable conditions for the growth of the plug seedling.

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