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Bulk Buy Cheap Small Plastic Garden Pots

The sowing time should be tailored to local conditions and planted at the right time(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The ground temperature of 5-10 cm of corn soil in Heilongjiang reaches 10-12 °C, and can be sown from late April to early May. It is recommended that sowing should be carried out from April 25 to May 10 to prevent powdery seeds or rotten buds from being frozen or spring. Seed coating can prevent pests such as underground pests, head smut, aphids, etc.(plastic nursery pots), and can also promote emergence and prevent the occurrence of powder seeds.

(bulk buy cheap small plastic garden pots)At present, the seeds sold by large seed factories are all well-packed(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). However, in the area where the online worm dwarf disease (Junzilan seedlings) occurs, it is necessary to carry out secondary coating with carbofuran and thiodicarb. , without coated corn seeds, must be coated before re-broadcasting. After the soil was frozen at the end of March, the autumn ridges were repressed and crushed, and the clods were crushed(wholesale nursery pots). If there is no plot to turn over in the autumn, the ridge should be topped on the basis of the early spring annihilation, and then the cracks should be made. The ridge surface should be flattened and fine.

In production, the conventional ridge distance is 65cm, or the large ridges are 130cm, 110cm and 90cm(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The high-precision precision seeding machine is used for sowing. In the arid regions of the west, it should be sown with sowing water or sprinkled after sowing. The distance between the fertilizers should be more than 3cm, and the fertilizer germination should be avoided to affect the emergence rate(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The amount of corn planted varies with seed size, germination rate, planting density, sowing method and cultivation purpose.

(bulk buy cheap small plastic garden pots)Therefore, when the seed germination rate is low and the planting density is high(blow molded nursery pots), the seeding rate should be increased appropriately, and vice versa. Generally, 3-4 kg of seeds are planted per mu. Under normal circumstances, the depth of corn sowing should be 3~4cm. When the situation is poor, the planting depth can be appropriately increased. The water and sprinkler plots should be properly shallowed, the soil texture is loose, and the sandy soil is easy to dry(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Some 4 to 5 cm; avoid planting too deep to affect the quality of emergence.

Rice seedlings should be determined according to actual conditions(injection molded nursery pots). In some places, a total of seven bags of strong sputum are used in the 360-square-meter greenhouse. 5 bags of soil for bottoming. Use two more bags after 1.5 leaves. Or mix 5 bags and a half of the bottom soil, and use a bag and a half after the seedling. The nutrient soil can also be mixed with the strong sputum. First, the sifted fine soil is sown into the dish(black plastic nursery pots). The sturdy sputum can be mixed with a certain amount of fine soil and raised to the soil of the seedling plate. After sowing.(bulk buy cheap small plastic garden pots)

If each bag of strong sputum can mix 300 plates of seedling soil, each 360 square meters of rice seedling greenhouse(bulk 20 gallon pots), you need 6 to 7 bags of strong sputum, each bag of sturdy agent can mix 1500 jin. Add the acidified soil made of two or more concentrated sulfuric acid, and adjust the pH to 4.5 to 5.5 before sowing. However, it should be noted that if the seedbed is relatively sturdy, the returning water is not sloppy, the watering on it is less(plug trays wholesale), and the sputum is strong on the soil, it is not easy to leaching down, and it is easy to appear burning!

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