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Bulk Buy Cheap Small Plastic Plant Pots UK

When watering the crop(6 cell trays bulk), the quantitative fertilizer is sprinkled in the ditch and is infiltrated into the soil around the root of the crop with the watering. This method wastes a lot of fertilizer, and is easily leaked and drained in the channel. In the deep layer that the roots of the crop cannot reach, it will also infiltrate part of the fertilizer and cause waste. This method can be used when the source of fertilizer is sufficient(40 cell tray in bulk), the area of growing vegetables is large, and labor conflicts are prominent.

(bulk buy cheap small plastic plant pots uk)Generally, after the crop is poured into water or after the rain(wholesale nursery pots), the soil is suitable for the soil, and when the field is lowered, the quantitative fertilizer is applied to the crop surface or the crop line. This method of fertilization is relatively simple, but there is still some fat loss which will be volatilized. In particular, ammonium bicarbonate is very volatile and cannot be used(51 cell trays bulk). Ammonium sulfate, urea and potassium sulfate can be applied, but it is not convenient to operate in the field.

The advantage is that in the winter leisure season, this method is less wasteful and economical(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), but it is labor-intensive, labor-intensive, and inconvenient to operate. Above, if it is too close to the root, it is easy to damage the root system. Due to the concentration of fertilizer and the high concentration, this method should not be used in the summer when crops are vigorously growing and water is needed(40 cell trays bulk), and it cannot be used in the critical period of crop water demand.

(bulk buy cheap small plastic plant pots uk)Pay attention to safety when applying(plug trays wholesale). Buried in the crops or between rows of trenches to dig pits, the application of quantitative fertilizer, and then fill the soil. It is simple to use, saves labor and time, and has a small amount of labor. The buried fertilizer ditch and pit should be 10 cm from the base of the crop stem. Use when the fertilizer is more urgent(36 cell trays bulk). In order to prevent negative effects, water must be watered after burying to reduce the concentration of fertilizer applied.

This method can be used when the labor force is sufficient and the amount of crop growth is small(black plastic nursery pots), so that the buried fertilizer is gradually decomposed and continuously supplied to the crop. The peak of crop growth is often also the peak of fertilizer demand. Therefore, the method of burying is often used at higher temperatures(18 cell trays bulk). Water and fertilizer integration is the core technology that must be adopted in modern planting industry, and is the preferred technology for efficient water and fertilizer management.

(bulk buy cheap small plastic plant pots uk)The prospect of applying water and fertilizer integration on rice is bright(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Water and fertilizer integration technology is rapidly expanding, and drip irrigation, drip irrigation under the membrane, water spray belt and sub-membrane water belt are the main forms. The use of shallow pots for planting will affect the growth of the roots(12 cell trays bulk). The quantity and quality of agrochemical service personnel are the core competitiveness of future agricultural enterprises.

If you want to cultivate potted alfalfa, the proper rhizome hydroponic culture can make it take root faster in water(plastic nursery pots). The temperature is the main factor affecting the flowering of alfalfa. The flowering period can be extended by the method of day and night reversal. At the time, it is also time to stop fertilizing the red diamond(8 cell trays bulk). It is also necessary to place the red diamond outside to receive light during the day and to maintain it indoors at night to prevent frostbite on the red diamond.

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