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Bulk Buy Cheap Smart Plant Pots South Korea

Which size of flowerpot is more appropriate(propagation tray)? Generally, there are three options for reference: the diameter of the mouth of the flowerpot should be roughly the same as the crown diameter of the flower seedling branches (the crown diameter of the flower seedling is to treat the branches and leaves of the flower seedlings as a circle(plastic plant trays wholesale). The diameter is called the crown diameter), so that the roots of the flower seedlings can grow.

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Therefore, potted flowers should be selected according to the shape of the flower, the size of the plant, the number and depth of the root system, etc.(plug trays), and the appropriate flower pot should be selected. Some people think that when planting flowers, the bigger the flowerpot, the better, which can speed up the growth of flowers(large plastic terracotta pots). If you encounter flowers with long taproots and roots, you can do some proper pruning and plant them in pots.(bulk buy cheap smart plant pots south korea)

If the roots of the obtained flower seedlings have mud masses(gallon nursery pots), the mud masses should be placed in the flowerpot with a space of about 3 cm around the flowerpot, so that new soil can be added and the roots can grow; the root system of the flower should be stretched comfortably after being placed in the pot to determine the size of the flower pot(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). In addition, the color of the pot and the color of the flower should also be coordinated.

Plastic basins have developed more in recent years, with more sizes and specifications(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). There are many styles of purple sand pots, glaze pots, etc. Generally, there are chrysanthemum-shaped, plum-shaped, hexagonal, round, square, round, and various shallow pots such as rectangular and round waist(black plastic plant pots). According to the various shapes of flowerpots, you should master the selection of pots by flower or the planting of flowers by pot.

(bulk buy cheap smart plant pots south korea)Glazed pots and porcelain pots. The appearance is beautiful, the color is bright, and the variety of flowers and colors is diverse(gallon plant pot). The extra-large basin has a diameter of 40 to 46 cm, commonly known as Chi and Chisi (referring to the municipal system). In the future, if it rains or water is too much, it can flow out of the cracks in the broken pots that are covered(plant start trays wholesale), and it will not cause water accumulation in the pots and affect the growth of flowers.

It is suitable for the cultivation of large flowers or slightly moisture-resistant flowers or as a set of pots. other(cell trays). There are also wooden basins, plastic basins and water basins. Wooden basins are especially fixed in size. For example, when chrysanthemum is cultivated, they can be made temporarily according to needs(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). In fact, the combination of flowers and pots can not only promote the growth of flowers, but also reflect its overall beauty.(bulk buy cheap smart plant pots south korea)

Its disadvantage is that it has poor drainage and aeration performance(square grow pots). Square and round shallow pots are not suitable for planting fast-growing flowers such as Milan, Rongli, rose, pomegranate, etc., but can be used to plant jungle, diagonal or double-stem tree stumps, which not only highlights the twisting of the stumps The posture of the branches is beautiful, and the flowers match the pots(6 cell propagation trays wholesale), which can also reflect the overall beauty.

Generally speaking, flowers with light branches and leaves should be matched with dark flower pots(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), and dark flowers should be matched with light colored flower pots, if the obtained flowers do not contain mud Tuan, so that the shades of light and shades complement each other and can enhance the appreciation value(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). Planting the purchased flowers or the seedlings that have been reproduced into a living pot is called "the upper pot".

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