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Apical buds are damaged when calcium deficiency occurs(plant plastic trays). For these different types of element deficiency diseases, the following measures should be taken: extra-root topdressing, based on the symptoms, roughly infer which element is lacking, that is, which element should be used after dilution The plants are topdressed(small succulent pots bulk). Increase the use of decomposed organic fertilizers to improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil.

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Use all-element compound fertilizer(plastic nursery trade pots). Implement sun-dried soil or winter tillage to promote soil weathering and give full play to the potential fertility of the soil. However, after applying concentrated fertilizer, the concentration of the soil solution is higher than that of the root hair cell liquid, and reverse osmosis occurs, and the cell liquid penetrates into the soil to dehydrate the root hair(large black plastic plant pots). There is a special fragrance in the orange peel.(bulk buy cheap square plastic flower pots new zealand)

There are many reasons for the lack of nutrients, such as insufficient or imbalanced nutrients(plant trays without holes); the soil is too acidic and too alkaline, which makes some of the nutrients in the soil ineffective; the physical and chemical properties of the soil are not good, and the potential fertility of the soil cannot be used, which hinders the absorption of nutrients. In severe cases, the plant will wither and die(wholesale succulent pots). After it is decomposed, add the culture soil as a base fertilizer.

(bulk buy cheap square plastic flower pots new zealand)Accumulation method Choose a place to dig a soil pit(v9 nursery pots), 60-80 cm deep, 10 cm of furnace ash, and discard the discarded vegetable leaves, fruits, fish and poultry viscera, bones, egg shells, human feces Put some moldy food into the pit, cover it with soil and sprinkle it with insecticide and cover it tightly(plant planters pots). Household flower replanting and organic fertilizer application often smell an unpleasant odor, which causes flies and is very unhygienic.

When making fertilizer, add proper amount of water to the mouth of the jar, which can effectively isolate the odor and prevent it from spreading out(3.5 inch square plastic pots). Extra-root topdressing is also called foliar fertilization, which is a fertilization method in which chemical fertilizers or trace elements are diluted and sprayed on the leaf surface of the plant(plant propagation trays), chicken and duck manure, which is absorbed and utilized by the plant through the leaf stomata.

If the nitrogen is insufficient, the plants will be short(72 cell trays), the color of the leaves will be pale, the branches will be thin, and the leaves will fall easily, and the flowers and fruits will turn yellow or white, or even drop the fruits. Shi Orange Peel "The orange peel is fragrant and the smell of liquid fertilizer is wiped out." Put the orange peel in the liquid fertilizer made for two or three days(large plastic garden pots cheap), and the smell of the liquid fertilizer will be eliminated.(bulk buy cheap square plastic flower pots new zealand)

Use chicken, duck and fish bones(72 cell trays bulk). Soak the broken bones of chicken, duck, and fish after eating for 1~2 days, remove the salt, add water under high pressure, stir it into a paste, take it out, add 20% furnace ash or fine sand and mix well In the future, put a layer of soil in the container, sprinkle some insecticide, and then cover it to keep it loose and moist(3 gal plastic nursery pots). After 2 to 3 months of decomposing, it will be odorless when used as fertilizer.

Under normal circumstances, the concentration of root hair cell liquid is greater than that of soil(plastic seed trays). At this time, the soil solution continuously penetrates into the root hair cells, so that nutrients and water can be absorbed. When boron is deficient, the tender leaves become chlorosis, the leaves are thick and shrunk(15 gallon plastic container), the root system is not developed, the top buds and young root growth points die, and the flowers and fruits are fallen.

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