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Therefore, the tree species of the shelter forest should adapt to the local wind and soil conditions(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), grow fast, have a long life span, luxuriant branches and leaves, have good wind control effect, have no common diseases and pests with fruit trees, have few roots, do not cluster roots, and have a high economic value(18 cell seed starting trays). Because of the complex topography of the mountain orchard, it should be arranged according to the local conditions.

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The main forest belt should not cross the valley(plastic plant trays wholesale). It can have an angle of 30 ° with the valley direction, and make the windbreak in the underground part of the valley slightly incline to the valley mouth. The commonly used tree species are as follows: arbors: big green poplar, small leaved poplar, Beijing fast poplar, Shuangyang fast poplar(20 cell seed starting trays), Qingpi willow, Fraxinus mandshurica, yellow pineapple, larch, zuoshu, shanlihong, Shan Dingzi, pear, apricot, thick plum, etc.

(bulk buy cheap square plastic nursery pots chile)The ventilation forest belt is used in the lower part of the valley to facilitate the cold air discharge(greenhouse supplies pots). Windbreaks in large orchards generally include main forest belt and secondary forest belt (small orchards can only have ring forest belt). The principle of construction is that the main forest belt should be perpendicular to the local wind direction(40 cell seed starting trays). The ladder wall can be made of soil or stone into straight wall type or inclined wall type.

The planting distance of the tall trees in the middle is 1 × 1m or 1 × 2m(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Generally, the distance between main forest belts can be configured as 300-400M and 200-250m under severe conditions, generally consisting of 5-8 rows. There is a shrub belt at the outermost side, which can be used for Amorpha fruticosa, cherries, ruozhi, etc(104 cell seed starting trays). From the traffic situation, the secondary forest belt is the auxiliary forest belt of the main forest belt and perpendicular to the main forest belt.

When the conditions are good, the belt distance of the secondary forest belt can be increased to 500-800m, and it can be reduced to 300m in the area with severe sandstorm. The parallel windbreak belt adjacent to the fruit tree should be kept 10-15m away from the fruit tree, and the root should be cut along the edge of the windbreak forest to avoid the root from running into the orchard and affecting the growth of the fruit tree(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price).

When the trees grow up, they will be thinned in isolation(seed starting trays). Larch, Fraxinus mandshurica and Fraxinus mandshurica are planted on both sides of the tree in 2-3 lines, with a spacing of L × LM or l × 2m. If the two forest belts are too far apart, two rows of trees can be planted in the middle to protect the fruit trees in each community from the wind(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). The direction of the mountain wind is always the same as that of the valley main ditch.(bulk buy cheap square plastic nursery pots chile)

Specific measures are as follows(32 cell seed starter trays): surface runoff often causes soil and water loss of orchard on slope land, causes surface erosion and gully erosion, worsens soil texture, reduces water and nutrients, exposes root system, affects the growth and development of fruit trees, and results in yield decline. Therefore, soil and water conservation of orchard on slope land must be done well(105 cell seed starter trays). On the baseline, set points according to the specified line spacing and fix the stakes.

(bulk buy cheap square plastic nursery pots chile)Equal height planting is convenient for building horizontal terraces and raising trenches in the future(72 cell seed starter trays), which is conducive to inter row soil cultivation and irrigation, and reduces orchard soil surface erosion. The mountain sub Forest Belt should be set up in combination with drainage ditch, road and operation area(200 cell seed starter trays). If it cannot be perpendicular to the main wind direction due to terrain, river and other reasons, it can have a deviation angle of 25 ° - 30 °.

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