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Bulk Buy Cheap Vegetable Growing Trays Indonesia

Mustard is one of our more common vegetables(4 gallon container). It is rich in nutrients and is grown in various parts of our country. But in fact, we can grow mustard on the balcony. Today I will talk about how to grow mustard on the balcony. Prepare flower pots, garden soil, mustard seeds, microbial fertilizers, special fertilizers for vegetables and fruits, and showers(105 cell seed trays wholesale). At this time, pay attention to topdressing once.

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Sprinkle the seeds directly on the water-soaked soil surface, and then cover the soil with sufficient water to keep the soil moist(propagation flats). For about a week, the seeds will germinate. Pay attention to keeping the soil moist. When the seedlings grow 1 to 2 true leaves, the weak seedlings and diseased seedlings are removed at intervals to ensure that the plant spacing of healthy seedlings is about 3-5 cm(plastic cell trays supplier). When the seedlings reach 3 to 5 true leaves, they should be transplanted and planted.

(bulk buy cheap vegetable growing trays indonesia)Pay attention to multi-strip soil to avoid root injury(propagators for sale). Be careful not to bend the root system. After planting, drench it with water. After survival, the plant spacing is between 10 and 15 cm. One week after planting, additional fertilizers are used, mainly nitrogen fertilizers, and special fertilizers for vegetables and fruits are added every 1 to 2 weeks(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). The main fertilizers in the later period are mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.

The addition of fertilizer basically depends on the growing situation, and the topdressing will be stopped 2 weeks before harvest(large nursery containers). Mustard is usually harvested when it reaches 6 to 7 leaves. When harvesting, you can peel off the outer leaves first, or you can pull out the larger plants and leave the smaller plants to continue to grow(72 cell plug trays supplier). Mustard has not high requirements on soil, but before planting mustard, cruciferous crops should not be planted in the soil.

The pH value is preferably between 6 and 7(bulk garden pots). It is best to bury rotten organic fertilizer in advance as a base fertilizer or mix soil and vegetable special fertilizer . Mustard has a cold and humid climate and is not resistant to heat and drought. At minus 5 ℃, the plants are not damaged and can tolerate short-term low temperature of minus 7.5 ℃(128 cell trays bulk). There are also many varieties of cormorants. Mustard must not be exposed to sunlight, so it must not be exposed to the sun.(bulk buy cheap vegetable growing trays indonesia)

The amount of water required is to keep the soil moist(bulk plastic planters). To keep the soil moist often, when planting amaranth, water enough planting water to slow down the seedlings. Water is sprayed every morning and evening in summer, and other seasons may depend on climate and plant growth(128 cell seed trays wholesale). Mustard requires a relatively large amount of fertilizer, and should be frequently applied with special fertilizer for vegetables and fruits, and combined with watering.

(bulk buy cheap vegetable growing trays indonesia)There are also many flower buddies raised on the terrace, which are not covered or blocked(plant pot suppliers). At this time, the growth is slower than 25 ℃ and the quality is poor. The growth temperature of mustard is 15 ℃ ~ 20 ℃. Plant mustard on the balcony, and then you can add color and pick it yourself. Unlike other vegetables, mustard can also be used for marinating(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Those who want to try it, just master the above planting steps and maintenance methods.

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