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Bulk Buy Cheapest Plastic 7 Gallon Flower Pot Canada

Use small tweezers to discharge the seeds on the germinating medium(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). When using sand bed or soil bed, the seeds that need to be polished shall be pressed on the surface of sand (soil), and the seeds that do not need to be polished shall be sown on loose and flat sand (soil), and then evenly covered with a layer of 10-20 mm loose sand (soil), which can be identified by cutting method(5 gallon pots), also easy to count. 

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It is better to put 100 seeds on each germinating appliance to form group L. take 4 100 seeds in total, that is, 4 repetitions(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). If the seeds are large, each repetitions of 100 seeds can be divided into 50 or 25 seeds into 1 group. Discharge the seeds on the germinating appliance in groups(98 cell plug trays). Use such 2 or 4 groups to form one repetitions, so that there is enough distance between seeds to avoid diseases Bacteria spread and root twining.

(bulk buy cheapest plastic 7 gallon flower pot canada)After the seeds are placed, labels shall be pasted on the germination tools, indicating the tree species, sample number, placing date, etc., and relevant items shall be recorded in the germination measurement record form(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). In particular, it should be noted that large seeds are made up of several containers for one repetition(polystyrene plug plant trays). It can also distinguish warm, empty, astringent, embryo free and insect damaged grains.

It is not allowed to combine germination containers arbitrarily in order to pass the error test(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). The test sample and its moisture, ventilation, temperature and light conditions should be checked frequently. The call value of water should be between 6-7.5. The suitable temperature for seed germination is different for each tree root(15 gallon pots). The duration of germination test is calculated from the date of bed setting, excluding the time of seed pretreatment.

The interval time of inspection shall be determined according to the characteristics of tree species and sample conditions(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). From the day when seeds are placed for germination, it is better to observe and record once a day or every other day until the specified germination test is completed(shallow germination trays). If the germination condition is well controlled, the observation times can be reduced. Do not select seeds subjectively to any extent.(bulk buy cheapest plastic 7 gallon flower pot canada)

When observing and recording, check the temperature and moisture of germination environment(plant start trays wholesale). The germinating bed should be kept moist under the condition of ventilation and light, but no water problem can appear around the seeds(black plastic plant pots wholesale). Unless it is confirmed that the germination of seeds of a certain tree species will be inhibited by light, 8 hours of light shall be provided 24 hours a day for germination test.

This is in line with the natural conditions, can make the seedlings grow well, not vulnerable to microbial damage, but also easy to assess seedlings(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). The illumination shall be uniform and the seed surface shall receive illumination of 750-1250 L. If there is no condition, natural light can be used(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). The tree species that need to germinate at variable temperature shall be provided with light within 8 hours of high temperature.

(bulk buy cheapest plastic 7 gallon flower pot canada)The specific method is as follows(6 cell propagation trays wholesale): pour a proper amount of concentrated sulfuric acid into the beaker, put the test sample into a small bag sewn with nylon yarn, dip the bag into the concentrated sulfuric acid, and the temperature should be about 25 ℃(bulk pots): take it out at the predetermined time, put the bag in the running water to thoroughly wash for 5-10 minutes, and then put it into the bed, so good ventilation is required. 

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