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At the stage of flowering and fruiting, the flower bud differentiation of most tree species takes place from summer to autumn one year before flowering(200 cell plant trays bulk). For example, Paulownia began to flower bud differentiation around July. The male cones and male cones of Chinese fir begin to differentiate in June, but some species do flower bud differentiation in spring, such as Camellia oleifera in April(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Trees are also perennial plants with multiple fruits.

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The flowering habits of trees vary with species. Trees belong to seed plants(32 cell plant trays bulk). After flowering, pollination, insemination and embryo development, they finally produce seeds and use them to reproduce. From the beginning of seed germination to the end of plant senescence, they generally go through the stages of young, young, mature and old age(plastic plant trays wholesale). Although there are differences in the age at which trees begin to bear fruit, the improvement of nutrition and light conditions can promote the early bearing of trees.

(bulk buy cheapest plastic starter pots saudi arabia)At a certain period, its bud will differentiate into leaf bud and flower bud, which is called flower bud differentiation(50 cell plant trays bulk). Flower bud differentiation is generally considered to be due to the action of special florigen. Flower bud formation is induced by the interaction of internal factors and external environmental factors(square grow pots). Some special conditions such as poor soil, early drying, diseases and insect pests, fire and other effects, trees will also bear early.

Some species, such as Robinia pseudoacacia, Paohuo, camellia and so on, are bisexual flowers, while most species are unisexual flowers, such as Pinaceae, fir family, exploratory species, nuclear woodcutter, release and so on(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Generally, the positive tree species that like light and fast-growing have a shorter juvenile period and start to bear early(14 gallon pots distributor). The sprouting resistant and slow-growing trees have a longer juvenile period and start to bear late.(bulk buy cheapest plastic starter pots saudi arabia)

There are many kinds of broad-leaved trees, and some of them have flower bud differentiation and flowering for many times every year, such as lemon tower and star anise, twice a year(seed planting trays wholesale). However, trees must reach a certain stage of annual stillness and development, and through appropriate light cycle and seasonal temperature changes, so that the meristem at the top of trees can accept flower induction(seed starting trays), and develop towards the aspect of flower formation, and then flower primordium can blossom.

(bulk buy cheapest plastic starter pots saudi arabia)All over the country, there are flowering trees in spring, summer and autumn, while evergreen broad-leaved trees in the south, such as camellia and tea trees, bloom in autumn and winter(18 cell plug trays supplier). The trees can't accept flower induction at the nainian stage, only when they enter the youth stage can they start to blossom and bear fruit, and the length of the young stage varies with the tree species(gallon pot). Some trees are male and different, such as poplar, firearm, Fraxinus mandshurica and so on.

Under the condition of good climate and soil conditions, the annual meristem of the tree begins to bear early(20 cell plug trays supplier); the individual tree bears earlier than the trees in the forest, the artificial forest bears earlier than the natural forest, and the stand created by the nutrition propagation method bears earlier than the actual forest; the strong tree bears earlier than the poor tree. Conifers usually bloom in spring(7 gallon pots distributor). At the beginning, there is no distinction between leaf bud and flower bud.

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