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Bulk Buy Cheapest Seed Starter Tray Indonesia

Tomato, eggplant and legume are self pollinated plants, and the natural hybridization rate is only about 10%(105 cell seed starting trays). The isolation distance of the field mainly depends on the pollination mode of the crop. Introduction is one of the main causes of vegetable infectious diseases(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). Some Fusarium bacteria and viruses can enter the ovule through the catheter from the root of the injured plant, so that the fruits or seeds and the seed coat contain the source of disease.

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If we don't pay attention to isolation during seed collection, it is easy to occur natural hybridization, leading to varieties and species degeneration(50 cell seed starting trays). Cross pollinated vegetables, usually closely related, are easy to cross between different varieties of the same vegetable(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). On the contrary, it is not easy to cross between different genera and species(the dosage of each kilogram of seeds is 4G, which can kill the fungi, bacteria and viruses mixed or attached to the seeds).

(bulk buy cheapest seed starter tray indonesia)The cross pollination is carried out by insects, wind and other external forces(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). But because they have the same number of chromosomes, they are easy to cross. Melon vegetables are not easy to cross between different species, but different varieties of the same species are easy to cross(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). When breeding the original species, the varieties should be isolated. Capsicum and sweet pepper are cross pollinated crops, with a natural hybridization rate of 25-30%.

For example, for cross pollinated crops, the isolation distance is longer, and for self pollinated crops, the isolation distance is closer(105 cell seedling trays wholesale). If there are buildings such as houses and fences, or barriers such as trees and tall crops, the distance can be appropriately shortened when isolating and planting vegetables, whether they are cross pollinated or self pollinated. Vegetable seeds can carry pathogenic bacteria and infect diseases(162 cell seed starting trays). They should be isolated during seed collection.

For example, the diseases of melon(gallon pot), such as scab, anthrax and toxin, tomato leaf mould and ring rot, tobacco mosaic toxin, eggplant brown spot, sweet pepper spot bacterial and viral diseases, cabbage, cabbage and radish black rot, black spot and root rot, onion leaf blight, etc. The situation of vegetable yield reduction due to seed borne diseases often occurs at home and abroad(plastic plant trays wholesale). Vegetables are divided into two kinds: cross pollination and self pollination.(bulk buy cheapest seed starter tray indonesia)

Water should be poured after each topdressing(200 cell seed starting trays). The first is mixed infection, that is, the infected leaves of crops or soil particles containing pathogenic bacteria are mixed into seeds and become the source of infection; the second is attached infection, which is generally the direct attachment of hyphae, spores, bacteria and viruses on the surface of seeds and become the source of infection; Third, it is invasive infection(greenhouse supplies pots). There are three ways of vegetable seed transmission.

(bulk buy cheapest seed starter tray indonesia)The seed collecting field for disease-free seeds of vegetables should be set in the area where there is no disease or little disease, or in the high and dry land(square grow pots); in the year when the disease is prevalent, it should pay attention to spraying liquor and pulling out the infected plants. Before sowing, soak the seeds with 1% potassium permanganate for 20-30 minutes(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), wash them with water and dry them, and then disinfect them with formic acid, and become the source of infection.

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