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Bulk Buy Creeping Thyme Plug Tray Cheap Canada

First come to know, this is the plug(propagation tray). After filling the trays with the substrate, we transferred each seedling in the seedling tray to the tray. We use 32 holes of each plate to move the seedlings in a seedling tray to the tray. You will find that the seedlings appear to be many more. With their own independent space, the seedlings will grow faster(flat plastic tray). After half a month, let's take a look at what the seedlings on these trays will become!

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(bulk buy creeping thyme plug tray cheap canada)Semi-automatic flat precision seeding machine(cell trays), needle automatic seeding line, drum type automatic seeding line, hand-held seeder, hand-operated seeder and other types of planter products, sowing efficiency and other performance, to meet the needs of different production users, Different types of nursery farms use suitable seeding machines according to their own conditions(plastic grow pots). Such as the hand-held needle seeder is simple and low cost, suitable for small-scale nursery.

Seedling standard: The sowing line has high efficiency, especially the “drum type” sowing line(gallon nursery pots). The speed is fast and the effect is good, but the cost is high, and the different types of trays need to be replaced and the commissioning time is required. For the purpose of mass production of tomato seeding, 200,000 to 300,000 seedlings can be planted per day, while the amount of seeding per person per day is only 5,000(square nursery pots), the efficiency is increased by 40 to 60 times, and the operating cost is also compared. low.

(bulk buy creeping thyme plug tray cheap canada)Introduced and digested the key technologies of the “drum type” planter imported from the United States(black plastic plant pots), Italy and other countries. In 2010, it successfully developed the “drum type” seeding line to fill the domestic gap. In 2012, the fully automatic precision seeding line has been mass-produced offline. The production demonstrations of many domestic and foreign nursery enterprises have achieved good results(seed starter trays), and they have been recognized by the nursery experts of the Institute of Vegetables and Flowers of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

The hand-operated seeder has high cost performance and wide adaptability(gallon plant pot), and can increase the intensity of demonstration and application. The comprehensive performance and price of the "drum-type" assembly line is superior to similar products at home and abroad. The drum adopts the "duck-mouth" nozzle, the seeding accuracy and adaptability are greatly improved, and the price of the whole set of products varies from 200,000 to 300,000 yuan depending on the model(wholesale greenhouse pots). It is about 1/2 of the same type of imported products, so the competitiveness is greatly improved and it has good promotion potential.

(bulk buy creeping thyme plug tray cheap canada)The first advantage is high seeding accuracy(plug trays), round or pelletized seeds ≥97%, pepper seeds ≥95%, tomato seeds ≥90%; second, the seeding speed is fast, up to 900~1 200 disks/h, the highest efficiency. The “drum type” seeding line consists of the steps of substrate loading, scraping, pressing, sowing, covering soil, watering, etc., and the whole operation process is completed without interruption at a uniform speed(greenhouse supplies pots). Third, it is applicable to a wide range, suitable for diameter ≥0.2 mm. Seeds of various shapes.

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