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Bulk Buy Farm Plug Plant Starter Trays

Before the nursery(112 cell propagation trays wholesale), the weeds and dirt inside and outside the nursery facility are removed, and the nursery facilities are disinfected by using sterilization and insecticide. The self-supporting matrix can be prepared according to the volume ratio of 3:1:1 for the charcoal, vermiculite and perlite. 1kg of the national standard ternary compound fertilizer and 0.2kg of carbendazim are added per cubic meter(nursery tree pots), and the water content of the matrix is increased by about 40%.

(bulk buy farm plug plant starter trays)Use the black PS standard plug tray, Xia Qiuqi choose 72-hole plug tray, and use the 50-well plug tray for winter and spring(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). Fill the pre-wet substrate with the trays, and the cells should be clearly visible after loading. Choose varieties that are suitable for market consumption habits and local conditions, good quality, strong disease resistance and high yield(plastic greenhouse trays). The sowing period is from the end of December to the middle and late January of the next year.

The seedling stage gradually reduces the substrate humidity and temperature(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). When the seeds are exposed to about 60%, the covering such as the mulch film is removed in time. The seedling age control in winter and spring is suitable for 30 days to 40 days. At the same time, according to the content of nutrients in the substrate and the growth of the seedlings(black plastic garden pots), most of them adopt the method of foliar spray fertilizer, combined with hydration to properly supplement the nutrition. 

The seedling period of summer seedlings is generally about 20 days, and the sowing date can be determined according to the purpose of cultivation(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). During the winter season, the cucumber sowing period is from mid-September to early October, and seedlings can be arranged according to the planting time. Before germination, the seeds were air-dried for 3h-5h, then the seeds were placed in hot water at 55 °C(10x20 growing trays), and the water temperature was reduced to 10 h-12 h at room temperature.

(bulk buy farm plug plant starter trays)Water can be sprayed after emergence, and the relative water content of the substrate is generally controlled at 60%-80%(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). After the seedlings of the seedlings are flattened, combined with watering, the fertilization of the foliar fertilizer “Bao Lifeng” is used, the concentration is controlled at 1‰-3‰(cheap potting pots), the fertilizer is started at the first leaf stage, and the fertilizer concentration can be gradually increased with the increase of the seedling age.

After emergence, 25°C-30°C during the day, 15°C-20°C during the night, and 18°C-20°C at the ground temperature(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). The temperature difference between day and night is generally controlled at 5°C-10°C, which promotes the growth of true leaves until transplant. Before the sputum, the seedlings are smelted under the conditions of low temperature, ventilation, moderate water control, etc.(square plastic plant pots uk), and the seedlings are at least 5-7 days before planting.

The tray code is placed on the nursery car in the germination room(8 cell propagation trays wholesale), and the fertilizer application should be carried out in the morning or evening. The daytime temperature is controlled at 28-30 °C and the night temperature is controlled at 23-25 °C. Soak the plug in 1000 times of potassium permanganate solution, take it out, rinse with water, and dry it for use. Generally, one seed is sown at each hole, and the seeding depth is 1 cm(5 gallon pots cheap). After sowing, the substrate is uniformly covered and sprayed with water.

(bulk buy farm plug plant starter trays)Generally, the surface of the substrate needs to be hydrated when it is whitish(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). The control of pests and diseases is the same as that of normal nursery. According to the seedling age and transplanting period, the suitable sowing date is reasonably determined, and the scientific regulation is carried out according to the standard of transplanting leaf age, so as to prevent the excessive use of fertilizer and lead to the seedling period(mini plastic flower pots), so as to ensure the transplanting of the appropriate seedlings.

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