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The big seedling area is characterized by large row spacing(propagation tray), large floor area, large seedlings cultivated, high specification, developed root system, which can be directly used in the construction of landscape greening, to meet the special needs of greening construction(large plastic terracotta pots), such as the crown shape, dry height, which is conducive to the selection of urban greening effect and the implementation of key greening projects.

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Generally, it can be located in a large and tidy place with medium soil filling conditions(plug trays). For the convenience of transportation, the location of the big seedling area should be located near the main trunk road or the periphery of the seedling enclosure. In the permanent seedling circle(seed starter trays), in order to obtain good purple materials such as seeds, cuttings and scions, it is necessary to set up a mother tree area to collect seeds and cuttings.(bulk buy high quality plastic gallon container uk)

This area covers a small area and can use scattered land, but it needs deep and fertile soil and low groundwater level(gallon nursery pots). The auxiliary land is also called non production land, including the land occupied by houses, roads, canals, shelterbelts, fences or hedges(black plastic plant pots). Its purpose is to directly serve the production of seedlings, which requires not only to meet the needs of production, but also to design reasonable and reduce land use.

Generally, when the area of each production area is too large, it can be further divided into several production areas for operation and management(gallon plant pot). According to the different habits of seedlings, the reasonable arrangement is carried out. At the same time, some local tree species can be planted in the ditch side, dry diameter and other high standard big seedlings(nursery plant pots), the ditch side and the road side in combination with the protective forest belt.

(bulk buy high quality plastic gallon container uk)The roads in the Miao country are the arteries connecting all kinds of facilities related to seedling cultivation in all cultivation areas(cell trays). Generally, the land area of roads in the seedling circle should not exceed 7% ~ 10% of the total area of the nursery. It can be used to introduce new species and varieties for further promotion(128 cell seed starter trays). It can be used to establish a separate test area or introduction area, or to combine introduction and experiment.

Running through the center of the Miao circle for vehicles, it is the main road for internal and external transportation of the Miao circle(square nursery pots). Generally, one or two roads perpendicular to each other are set as the main road, the width of the main road of the large-scale seedling circle is 6-8m, and the small and medium-sized ones are 4-6m(seed plug trays wholesale). It is necessary to have a perfect irrigation system to ensure the water supply to seedlings.(bulk buy high quality plastic gallon container uk)

According to the specific tasks and requirements of the seedling resistance, the greenhouse area, the specimen area, the seedling area, the hotbed, etc. can also be set up(plastic grow pots). According to the development trend of modern seedlings, the temperature room will be one of the important parts of the seedling surface. If it is a slope, the best slope direction should be selected(32 cell seed starting trays). The production area is generally rectangular or square with a length of 50-300m.

(bulk buy high quality plastic gallon container uk)The branch road is also called reward Road, which is perpendicular to the main road and connected with the cultivation area for tractors(flat plastic tray). The width of the footpath is 3-4m. The footpath is convenient for operation and is set in the cultivation area and the operation area with a width of 0.5-im. The surrounding skip road is set along the fence or protective forest and within the green view(105 cell seed starting trays). For tractor or vehicle access, can be as wide as the main road.

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