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Bulk Buy High Quality Plastic Growing Trays Russia

This method of nutrition is not commonly used(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). When heating the soil, the soil is wet but not wet. It can also stir fry the nutritious soil in the iron plate or pot to 82 ℃ for half an hour. In the production, commonly used chemical agents are used to sterilize nutrient soil. Each cubic meter of nutritious soil is sprayed with 25kg of wine(12cm plastic grow pots), fully mixed, completely sealed with plastic cloth 3-54, and then the cover is removed for use. 

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The methods are as follows: ferrous sulfate(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Spray 25kg 3% - 5% fes0 solution per cubic meter of nutrient soil, turn it evenly, cover it with plastic cloth for 24h, and then use it. If placed too early, the mycorrhizal seedlings do not meet the host within a long period of time, and they will lose efficacy(72 cell flats). The characteristics of culture medium and fertilization level of container seedling have a strong influence on the development of rhizobia.

(bulk buy high quality plastic growing trays russia)Some pine species, such as Pinus tabulaeformis, are highly dependent on ectomycorrhiza(128 cell seed trays wholesale), so it is more important to strengthen the application of ectomycorrhiza in the process of seedling. The specific method is to heat the soil with 82 ℃ steam for 30min(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). Generally speaking, the best inoculation method is to spread the filling on the soil surface of the container and carry out the artificial inoculation.

The commercial application experiment of ectomycorrhiza of Pinus tabulaeformis seedlings was carried out in Shouyang County(128 cell trays bulk), Shanxi Province by the Institute of forestry of Chinese Academy of forestry and Jinzhong Miao Zhao. The experiment shows that (table 8-3), after inoculating mycorrhizal fungi, while in the case of more fertilizer application(50 cell tray), the quality of seedlings and the rate of forestation preservation are obviously improved.(bulk buy high quality plastic growing trays russia)

The results showed that the inoculated mycorrhizal agent could be cultured artificially(72 cell plug trays supplier), or it could be taken from the soil of 0 ~ 0 cm soil layer under the pine forest, or the soil around the pine seedlings infected with mycorrhizal bacteria. Special attention should be paid to these situations during artificial inoculation(72 cell plug flats). The ectomycorrhiza can promote and protect the growth of plants, especially in the areas with poor soil environment. 

(bulk buy high quality plastic growing trays russia)In the case of less fertilizer application(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), the seedlings inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi grow best in the medium of 1:1:1 mixed with topsoil, peat and sand, the inoculation effect is not good, because too much fertilizer application will inhibit the formation of ectomycorrhiza and affect the natural infection of mycorrhizal fungi(herb plug trays). It is an effective way to solve the harm of container seedling to breed black animal by using multi effect compound.

In addition, some pine trees are strict in the selection of mycorrhizal fungi(sureroot plug trays bulk), such as South Asian pine, which have weak natural infectivity and slow mycorrhizal formation. According to the mycorrhizal inoculation experiment of container seedling of Pinus Huo - rectangular in the United States, the best time for mycorrhizal inoculation is about one month after seed germination(32 cell tray). It can also be carried out in combination with bud transplanting at this time.

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