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Bulk Buy High Quality Soil Block Trays Germany

In this process, some of them can hardly observe the growth changes, and the succulent will choose to sleep in order to grow better in the next season(200 cell seed starter trays). The dormancy of succulent is determined by its growing season. There are two kinds of dormancy, namely "dormancy" and "semi dormancy". Plants in dormancy must be watered to avoid rotten roots(105 cell plug trays supplier). Semi dormant plants, seasonal changes, in the cool period of time is the meat will grow slowly.

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After water supply, the withered leaves do not get better(32 cell seed starter trays). Some plants become green in dormancy. Deep understanding of the growth habits of succulent can better maintain succulent. If it is not potassium fertilizer but sodium chloride (table salt), it will emit yellow and white light when burning, so as to judge whether it is potassium fertilizer(50 cell plug trays supplier). It is reported that the nitrogen loss of urea and ammonium bicarbonate in storage and use is 40% - 50%.(bulk buy high quality soil block trays germany)

There are also some plants that don't change when they are dormant(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). They may wilt as soon as they are exposed to the sun and hang up as soon as they are watered. For this kind of meat, more care is needed, and more understanding is needed to know what kind of meat belongs to summer type, spring and autumn type or winter type(32 cell plug trays supplier). Water supply, ventilation, sunshade and soil distribution need to be considered each other. Water is prone to decay or hydration.

(bulk buy high quality soil block trays germany)If it is a completely dormant plant in a well ventilated situation, it occasionally needs a little water, especially in a dry place(gallon pot). If you want to choose to completely cut off water, you need to put it in a cool and ventilated place for maintenance. But what should we do if it rains all the year round in some areas(72 cell propagation trays)? Then we should increase the ventilation and select the multi particle soil on the soil to adjust it to meet the needs of the multi meat growth.

When watering, it is necessary to change big water irrigation into micro irrigation or drip irrigation(square grow pots). Whether it is potassium sulfate or potassium chloride, the average heating value will change on the iron sheet. When the fertilizer is removed on the red charcoal, it will make a sound of zhaoba(72 cell plant trays bulk). Fill up the potassium solution with a paper strip of water sighing, and burn it on the alcohol lamp after drying, which will give out a purple red light.(bulk buy high quality soil block trays germany)

However, potassium sulfate and potassium chloride can not be distinguished by fluke method(plastic plant trays wholesale). Ammoniated calcium nitrate and agricultural calcium nitrate are safer than ammonium nitrate. Because of the existence of calcium element, the hygroscopicity of agricultural calcium nitrate is lower than that of ordinary ammonium nitrate(200 cell seed starting trays), which improves caking and thermal stability, and is not easy to cause fire and explosion in the process of storage and transportation.

Therefore, to improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer and protect the environment has become a crucial issue in China's agricultural development(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The nitrate nitrogen in agricultural calcium nitrate can be directly absorbed by crops without soil transformation, the loss of nitrogen volatilization is small, the fertilizer effect is fast when it is used as base fertilizer and topdressing(105 cell plant trays bulk), and the crops can be rapidly supplemented with nitrogen.

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