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Bulk Buy Large Black Plastic Flower Pots Cheap

If the water in the basin soil is too much for a long time, the leaves will be yellow, fallen leaves, rotten roots and even die(large plastic terracotta pots). Look at the surface color of the basin soil. The leaves are slightly lighter and slightly curly. When pressing the basin soil with fingers, it feels soft(4 gallon container). When tapping the middle and upper part of the basin body with fingers, the sound is dull.

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Do not water the basin soil. Just spray the leaves to supplement the water content of the leaves(propagation tray). It can restrain the growth of Taxus chinensis and cause excessive soil humidity. Before watering, the cracks between the soil and the basin should be compacted with hard materials and then poured again(propagators for sale). When pouring water, the spoon should be close to the basin edge. Pour water in at once to make the basin soil absorb enough water.

(bulk buy large black plastic flower pots cheap)If a small amount of water is poured into the basin for a while(plug trays), it can be seen that the water flows out quickly from the basin bottom, which means that the soil and the basin are not completely compacted. Use objects to pour the basin The gap between the wall and the soil shall be compacted before pouring(propagation flats). Normally, it is better that water seeps out from the bottom of the basin slowly about 40 seconds to one minute after watering.

When using tap water, you should first put the water in the sun for about three hours before pouring(gallon nursery pots), because the light helps to decompose the oxide in tap water and can improve the water temperature. The water can also be placed in a large basin for half a day or one night before pouring(where to buy plastic plant pots). If there are many bonsai plants, it is better to put the water in a large tank so that the water temperature is as close to the air temperature and soil temperature as possible.

Especially in hot season, in addition to watering the potted soil(gallon plant pot), spray water mist on the leaf surface to keep the leaf moist is beneficial to growth. If necessary, spray water to cool down to create a cool and humid environment for the growth of Taxus chinensis. It is necessary to pay attention to the indoor ventilation when the yew is raised indoors(hydroponics trays cheap). If there is heating in the north winter room should be far away from the radiator to increase the indoor air humidity. 

When the potted soil can be kept slightly dry but not too wet, it is necessary to check each pot according to the actual situation(cell trays). However, it is not easy to place the potted scenery of Taxus at the air outlet of the air conditioner, otherwise, it will increase the water evaporation of the leaves of Taxus(big flower pots wholesale), which is easy to cause the rapid growth of the branches and leaves of Taxus Rapid dehydration causes the leaves to curl and dry up.(bulk buy large black plastic flower pots cheap)

If the air conditioner is opened in the air conditioning room every day(square grow pots), foliar spray shall be carried out every day to keep the foliar humidity, and a basin of clear water shall be placed indoors. When the temperature is over 30 ℃ in summer and autumn, shading and cooling should be strengthened, which can be moved to the ventilation room near the north(seed starting pots). But the growth of the plant is weak when it exceeds the limit.

If the basin soil is too wet for a long time, it will make the surface of the basin soil impermeable and easily cause the occurrence of rotten roots(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The soil of yew planting should be loose, rich in humus, fertile and slightly acidic (pH = 5.5-7). Tea water cannot be poured into the yew bonsai(5 gallon planter). If you often pour the remaining tea water, because the tea water contains theophylline and other alkaloids. Water again the next day.(bulk buy large black plastic flower pots cheap)

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