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Bulk Buy Large Black Plastic Plant Pots

As the bougainvillea seedlings continue to grow and the branches and leaves are scattered(bulk 2 gallon containers), they will gradually enter the growing season, which will not only increase the consumption of water, but also increase the consumption of nutrients. Therefore, timely and reasonable topdressing is a necessary condition for plants to maintain good growth(plastic nursery pots wholesale). During this period, you can keep a thin organic liquid fertilizer every half month, mainly to promote the long leaves, make the pot grow more lush, and the plant type is more full.

(bulk buy large black plastic plant pots)After entering the fall of September, we must properly apply the thin organic liquid fertilizer(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price), and also timely add phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, so that the seedlings can grow and promote the formation and differentiation of flower buds. It takes a lot of nutrients during the flowering period(black plastic nursery pots). It can be seen that rational fertilization is not only important for the plant to maintain normal growth, but also is important for promoting flowering and improving flowering quality.

Watering is to be poured even when it is dry(24 cell trays bulk). Even if the surface soil is sometimes white, it is necessary to wait until the lower soil in the basin is dry before watering. Bougainvillea is relatively drought-tolerant, and watering too hard can affect the growth of plants, especially the flowering period is likely to have a major impact on flowering(plug trays wholesale). The effectiveness of water control is often very significant, and it will largely avoid the prosperous phenomena such as long, rotten leaves, rotten roots, black buds, and falling flowers.

(bulk buy large black plastic plant pots)However, although we ensure that the nutrients are well-stocked as scheduled(4 cell trays bulk), we usually apply a thin compound fertilizer every month, and it should be evenly sprayed against the front and back of the leaves of the bougainvillea. The growth effect is more obvious(plastic nursery pots). However, it is not possible to directly scatter the ferrous sulfate on the surface of the potting soil, otherwise it is easy to form an oxidation phenomenon, thereby reducing the fertilizer efficiency and even the result of failure.

To analyze the reasons(6 cell trays bulk). The most common problem with bougainvillea after transplanting is the phenomenon of leaves wilting and falling leaves. We all know that transplanting is to make it grow in a better environment than wilting, although it is usually necessary to apply ferrous sulfate to bougainvillea(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). It can be seen that the application of ferrous sulfate to bougainvillea can supplement iron ions, so It is beneficial to the scientific application of some ferrous sulfate for its growth.

(bulk buy large black plastic plant pots)The roots of the plants cannot normally absorb nutrients and water from the soil, so the leaves will appear(8 cell trays bulk). In the previous article, Xiaobian said that bougainvillea can also be used to soak the roots with red clay in the transplanting process. The leaves after the transplanting of bougainvillea are mainly caused by problems in the root system(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). To find out the problem, the first thing to do is to check from the root system and then take corresponding measures.

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