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What about you? Today we talk about the cultivation techniques of citron, and usually the management of citron seedlings often determines the yield and quality of the later citron(injection molded nursery containers). After the seedlings are unearthed, their growth process will be different due to various factors such as nutrition and weather(nursery pots bulk). Toona sinensis seeds need to be covered with a film to improve the moisture retention of the soil.

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When the seedlings grow to about 1-2 pieces, we should pay attention to doing the work of seedlings, and eliminate the weak seedlings such as the weak, pests and diseases(5 gallon pots bulk). And evenly distributed well, to avoid planting too dense, the spacing between the robust seedlings is controlled at about 4 cm(plastic planters wholesale). After pouring the water, shallowly rub the soil once, pay attention to the strength when it is in the soil to prevent damage to the roots of the seedlings.

Let's take a look at the management techniques of the seedling stage of the camphor(rootmaker propagation trays). It can effectively increase the germination rate of seeds. Prevent some seedlings from poor soil topping ability, and if the film is not timely, it will also affect the light absorption of the seedlings and affect the normal growth of the seedlings(propagation pots). Even if the film is the key to ensure the normal growth of the seedlings, we should pay attention to watering once after uncovering the film, keeping the soil moist and promoting the water absorption of the seedlings.

Many netizens said that fragrant sautéed tofu and fragrant scrambled eggs are their favorite scented practices(five gallon nursery pots). We should promptly uncover the seedlings after the seeds are germinated and emerged. Then do the weeding work, and combined with fertilization, mainly diammonium phosphate(plastic garden pots wholesale). The nutrient conditions of the nursery bed can no longer meet the nutrients needed for the growth of the seedlings. Improve nutrient accumulation in the tree and promote the growth of the top bud.

When it is as high as 9 cm, it should be transplanted in time(20 gallon nursery pots). At the time of transplanting, care should be taken to control the row spacing of the plant and keep it at around 12-14 cm. It is necessary to eliminate some weak seedlings and keep the strong and strong seedlings(cheap large plastic plant pots). Water can be properly watered one day before transplanting to prevent excessive drying and cause root damage during transplanting, and then transplanted in time to water the tree.

Satisfy the nutrient water requirement of seedling growth, and then weed properly to prevent the normal growth of seedlings(decorative plastic plant pots). In addition, in the middle and late stages of seedling growth, it is necessary to do a topping work to prevent the center point from growing too strong and appearing to be prolonged(plastic potting containers). Then properly spray the agent such as paclobutrazol to inhibit the growth of the seedlings, control the height of the plants, and adjust the tree shape of the camphor tree.

Recently, a large number of camphors have been listed, so everyone has to eat fresh and refreshing toon(plastic nursery pots for sale)? After the survival of the camphor seedlings, management should be strengthened, but the fertilizer and water work should be done according to the growth of the seedlings and soil fertility(small plastic plant pots). When the seedlings grow to about 3 leaves, the seedlings can be properly fixed, and then until the beginning of June, the seedlings grow to 5 true leaves.

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