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Bulk Buy Large Nursery Containers For Trees

Another person is now very concerned about food safety, and does not fight drugs(plastic nursery pots). Tomato is a thermophilic crop. Under normal cultivation conditions, the optimum temperature is 20-25 °C. Low temperature of 15 °C or higher than 30 °C affects normal flowering pollination, high temperature staying up late at night, air humidity below 40% or higher than 60%(12 cell trays bulk), can lead to poor growth and development of tomato plants, prone to disease, yield and quality decline.(bulk buy large nursery containers for trees)

Seed disinfection before sowing, seed the seeds in 55 ° C warm water for 10 minutes, then put 10% of the trisodium phosphate solution for 20 minutes, remove and rinse with water(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The seedlings are inserted into the arched bamboo pieces, covered with plastic film in rainy days, and protected from rain and fine seedlings. At the seedling stage, methotazole, carbendazim, and anti-virus cockroaches were sprayed 2-3 times to prevent disease(18 cell trays bulk). Use high-quality seeds that are resistant to heat and disease.

Choose a field that has not been planted with Solanaceae crops for 2-3 years(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), is convenient for irrigation and drainage, fertile, loose, and flat, and is used as a seedbed for deep mashing. According to the calculation of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium required for producing 5,000 kilograms of fruit per mu, the base fertilizer should be applied to manure-based organic fertilizers of more than 3,000 kg(36 cell trays bulk), ternary compound fertilizers of 25-50 kg, superphosphate 50 kg, sulfuric acid. Potassium 10-15 kg.

(bulk buy large nursery containers for trees)The summer tomato results in autumn, also called autumn tomato, the listing period is from August to September(black plastic nursery pots). Each planting 1 mu of tomato requires 20-25 square meters of seedbed. 3-4 pieces of true leaf time seedlings, line spacing 8 cm × 5 cm. When the amount of organic fertilizer is large, it can open a wide and wide 13-17 cm groove in the middle of the car. When the organic fertilizer is less and fine, it is better(40 cell trays bulk). Autumn tomatoes are usually sown from July to August, October to 12 Monthly harvest. 

After the fertilizer is applied, the manure is filled with organic fertilizer and the soil is covered with soil(wholesale nursery pots). Using acupoints, that is, according to the specifications of one compartment and two rows and a hole spacing of 0.4 meters, the iron shovel is used to dig into a fertilization point of 13-17 cm deep, first sprinkle with chemical fertilizer(104 cell trays bulk), then apply organic fertilizer, and organic fertilizer and soil when planting After proper mixing, the seedlings are planted next to the acupoints.(bulk buy large nursery containers for trees)

It is to spread a large amount of organic fertilizer(plug trays wholesale), an appropriate amount of superphosphate and potassium sulfate in the field, and then use the rotary tillage to make the soil more than 30 cm. You can sow. Autumn tomato colonization is in the high temperature and dry season. It should be carried out in the rainy or sunny days, and the roots should be minimized when transplanting. The planting density is generally 0.6-0.7 m in row spacing and 0.4 m in plant spacing(51 cell trays bulk). Rooting water after planting, used to cover the surface of the grass, but should be 10-13 cm away from the plant.(bulk buy large nursery containers for trees)

In terms of management(8 cell trays bulk), water and fertilizer management generally has a panicle and a panicle, and the climate is getting better and better. The key to management is the prevention of seedlings in the early stage and the protection of cold in the later period. The following are the key points of autumn tomato cultivation techniques: the selection of heat-resistant, disease-resistant, and short-lived varieties(40 cell tray in bulk). Sowing at a proper time and cultivating strong seedlings.

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