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Bulk Buy Large Outdoor Plastic Plant Pots

It has the function of adsorbing impurities and purifying air, and can absorb harmful substances in the air such as benzene(wholesale greenhouse pots), trichloroethylene and formaldehyde in the air. In the case, it can better play its role in purifying the air. Green radish is a kind of climbing and entwining plant(cell trays). It is always green in the seasons. It is very suitable for the beautification of indoor environment and is very ornamental.

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In the spring and autumn seasons(seed starter trays). It is planned to select annual branches with bright leaves, thick leaves and strong growth. The cuts are about 15cm long, and the stems of 2~3 knots are cut into cuttings. Do not injure the air roots when cutting the cuttings. After cutting, it should be inserted into the plain sand in a timely manner, the depth is 1/3 of the cuttings(gallon plant pot), the water is placed in the shade, or the cutting seedbed is shaded.(bulk buy large outdoor plastic plant pots)

Always keep the soil and air moist(flat plastic tray). In a temperature of 25 ° C or more and a semi-yin environment, roots and long leaves can be taken for about 15 to 20 days. The leaf insertion method is to use the green leaves to cut the leaves. The advantage is that the plant shape is not destroyed(plug trays). The method is to select the robust blade in the upper part of the shoot, cut it from the base of the petiole with a knife, and then insert it into water or matrix.

Sprinkle water on the leaves twice a day, and the green radish is multiplied by cuttings(square nursery pots). It is one of the preferred green plants for the decoration and ventilation of new houses. The water is inserted into the roots quickly and is suitable for small-scale breeding in the family. The depth of the petiole into the water should be between 1 and 1.5 cm(propagation tray). However, it is too shallow, and if the water evaporates, it will not replenish the leaves in time.(bulk buy large outdoor plastic plant pots)

Change the water once every 5 to 7 days after insertion, and colonize it in about 50 days(plastic grow pots). The cutting substrate should be mixed with fine sand and slag, and the substrate should be disinfected by exposure or boiling with boiling water before planting. When inserting, use bamboo sticks to tie holes, so as not to damage the petiole, insert and pour water, pay attention to humidity and ventilation(128 cell seed trays wholesale). Leaf germination is slower and takes about 6 to 7 months.

(bulk buy large outdoor plastic plant pots)Too deep, the petiole is perishable(black plastic plant pots). The breeding of green radish is more complicated, requiring good water permeability in the basin and avoiding water in the basin. The leaves turn yellow and fall off, and the stems rot: mainly watering too much, especially in winter(seed starting trays supplier). It is necessary to change the basin in time to find out this situation. Two kinds of stems and leaves. 

The tip of the leaf is curled and browned: mainly the air is too dry and should always be sprayed onto the foliage(greenhouse supplies pots). The edge of the leaf becomes brown, and yellow spots appear on the leaves: the watering is insufficient during the growing season, and the water is not watered when the potting soil is completely dry(32 cell plug trays supplier). Plants should be careful to wet the columns when watering, as some roots are grown on the columns.

Let's talk about the methods and precautions for the breeding of green radish(gallon nursery pots). The leaves become smaller: when the green radish is cultivated as a totem pole, it must always keep the top upward growth. As long as it bends downward, the leaves become smaller; the fertilizer or light is insufficient(105 cell plug trays supplier). The leaves are soft and curved, and the stems are rotten: the temperature is too low, and the green radish is very sensitive to low temperatures below 10 °C.(bulk buy large outdoor plastic plant pots)

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