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Bulk Buy Large Plastic Plant Pots For Trees

If the supply of nutrients is insufficient, citrus is one of the most demanding tree species(black plastic nursery pots). Generally, fertilizer is the largest source of nutrients for citrus. Fertilization is critical for high yield of citrus. Fertilization at the right time can fully exert fertilizer efficiency. Fertilization? What kind of fertilizer is applied? Here is a detailed introduction to everyone(105 cell seed starting trays). 1 to 2 years old saplings, focusing on cultivating the branches, fertilization to apply thin fertilizer, and the tip of the tip is applied as a principle.

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Re-apply before the fall, each time the new shoots sprout 10--15d and the new shoots stop the growth period(cell trays), apply a quick-acting fertilizer, and strive to produce 3 to 4 strong shoots a year. The initial result tree (3-4 years old) is reapplied in winter, before spring, and before autumn. Not applied as a principle before summer(50 cell seed starting trays). That is, after the fruit is harvested from December to January, it is needed for the spring shoot period, and the late-effect fertilizer is the main.

It should be increased or decreased according to the age of the tree and its growth(5 gallon pots). Based on quick-acting water and fertilizer, the purpose is to promote the autumn shoots and lay a good foundation for the second year of production. From August to October, 1-2 times of quick-acting water and fertilizer can be applied to make the shoots and fruits(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). The results of the strong year tree fertilize 4-5 times a year, mainly before and after fruit picking, before the spring shoots and before the fall.

Late-maturing species, medium-maturing species with weaker results(wholesale nursery pots), and weaker fruit trees should be applied before fruit picking, and early-maturing species and low-yielding mid-maturing species should be applied after fruit picking. Before and after the fruit enters the peak period in October, the tree begins to enter the physiological differentiation period of the flower bud(105 cell seedling trays wholesale), and a high-quality fertilizer is applied to benefit the fruit and flower bud differentiation.

In addition, Eli restores the tree and protects the leaves for the winter(seed plug trays wholesale). The spring shoots are applied to the quick-acting water fertilizer 15 days before the germination, which promotes the good growth of the spring shoots. It can also be applied twice before and after the shoot(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). Before and after the heat, the quick-acting fertilizer was applied about 15 days before the germination in the autumn shoots to promote the growth of the autumn shoots.

In addition to the above several fertilizations(plastic nursery pots), the amount of fertilization in the full flowering stage or the Xiehua period to see the age, tree potential, flowering amount and leaf color, etc., appropriate application of Xiehua fertilizer. For example, if the leaves are light and the flowers are much more, the quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer can be applied once more(162 cell seed starting trays); the tree is strong, the leaves are dark green, or the flowers are not applied, so as to avoid the excessive growth of the summer shoots and cause fruit drop.

During the one-year growth process, the new roots begin to move after one month of planting, and thin water and fertilizer can be applied(32 cell seed starting trays). No fertilizer is applied in May-June to control the growth of summer shoots. The ponkan is best applied before harvesting, and it is carried out from November to December(200 cell seed starting trays). The citrus garden with less rain and no irrigation conditions should be applied early, mainly with quick-acting fertilizer, cultivating in high dry land or citrus with large age.

Summer shoot is the result of the next year(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is necessary to apply quick-acting water and fertilizer to promote summer Tip. May to June is the stage of young fruit development. If the results are many, the leaves are light, and the buds are not full, a quick-acting fertilizer can be applied(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). Before February, the spring tree does not apply, and the weak tree applies a quick-acting water and fertilizer to promote the growth of spring shoots. 

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