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Bulk Buy Large Plastic Planters Cheap

In principle, water is poured and poured in principle(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). It is poured once every three or four days in spring. When the temperature rises to a hot summer, the number of watering can be increased as appropriate. Cymbidium has higher requirements for water quality, prefers slightly acidic water, and is sensitive to calcium and magnesium ions in water. It is ideal to water with rain. The growth period requires high air humidity(black plastic nursery pots). If the humidity is too low, the plant grows poorly, the roots grow slowly and finely, the leaves become thick and narrow, and the leaves are yellowish.

(bulk buy large plastic planters cheap)Dahualan is afraid of being dry and not afraid of wetness(200 cell seed starting trays). The pseudo-scale bulb of Cymbidium is small, and it needs to keep the soil moist, but it is the most drought-tolerant orchid in the country. It has thick roots, has certain water retention, and can cope with short-term drought (4 days), so Baogen is the top priority of planting the orchids. Be sure to know the meaning of "the autumn is not dry, the winter is not wet"(plug trays wholesale). In the early autumn, there are many sunny days, the heat is not exhausted, the air is dry, and increasing the air humidity is the most effective way to prevent the focus of the orchid leaves.

Water is poured once a day in May and September, twice a day from July to August, and every 2 to 3 days from October to April(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). The number of waterings is adjusted at any time depending on the size of the seedlings and the weather conditions. There is no need to apply fertilizer, just put it in a warm room. To keep the flowering period and the plant angry for a long time, do not put it directly under strong sunlight(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If the indoor climate is dry, spray water on the leaves, flowers and surrounding environment.

(bulk buy large plastic planters cheap)If you want to continue to raise, you should pay attention to a few points: it has a short dormancy period after flowering, then you should water less to avoid rotten roots(15 cell trays bulk). Generally, water can be poured once a day in spring and autumn, and once in the morning and evening in June and September. Watering should be based on hydration and water spray. Do not cast. It is more common than the epiphytic Lanxi sunshine, but it is afraid of the sun, and it should be shaded from May to September every year(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is more common than the foreign orchids, fertilization should be based on compound fertilizer, supplemented by decomposed organic fertilizer.

In general, most families no longer raised after the loss of flowers, and Huahua said: "Danlan Wet Chrysanthemum", this has some truth(162 cell seed starting trays). Generally speaking, sprinkler irrigation is usually used in production, and orchids are best dried in eight minutes. 2-3 times a month, the fertilizer should be thin, the fertilizer can always be in the water, and slowly infiltrate with water when watering(wholesale nursery pots). It is necessary to pay attention to creating a good ventilation environment, and poor ventilation is easy to infect black spot disease, scale insects and other pests and diseases.

(bulk buy large plastic planters cheap)Fertilizer water needs to be diluted, low concentration, can be poured with 1% superphosphate or 2% urea(21 cell trays bulk). It can also be applied at a low concentration of fermented organic fertilizer water such as eucalyptus fertilizer. When the foliage is sprayed, the concentration should not exceed 0.1%. You can also use a small amount of horseshoe pieces directly around the potting soil, just like me, as a top dressing(plastic nursery pots). After the water transplanted seedlings are planted and the new shoots grow after the seedlings are bought, the roots of the plants are good, the plants survive, and the fertilizer can be topdressed.

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