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If the environment is too dry, in addition to watering, the strips should be peeled off together with the leaves(gallon pot), but care must be taken not to damage the mother plants. The following small series introduces you to the carnation method of carnation!The cutting time is not limited, except for the hot climate, it can be propagated in other seasons(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). 

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(bulk buy large plastic potting pots)Practice has proved that the necessary conditions for the mother plant are: the relative age of the plant is young(square nursery pots), the flowering trait is good, the incidence index is zero, and the earing position should be strictly controlled above the sixth node. The grooving machine should have an intermittent spray facility, and the amount of spray is controlled so that the blades are just wet. 

Therefore, it is very necessary and crucial to establish a dedicated seedling garden, and it is also an indispensable link in the production process of modern carnation seedlings(14 gallon nursery pots wholesale). A large number of asexual reproductions are used in production, mainly cutting propagation, and carnations are most suitable for cutting propagation. 

Promote rotation and ensure that the base fertilizer is applied(wholesale greenhouse pots). It is necessary to cover the rain and shade, promote drip irrigation, and prevent pests and diseases. Plants with no pests, strong growth and tight internodes were selected, and there were 3--4 pairs of unfolded leaves and 1 pair of unexpanded leaves, and the flower bud rate of the population cuttings was less than 10%.

Generally, it should avoid the hot summer season from July to August, and require good quality of cuttings(10 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The larger perlite is used as the cutting mother material, the water quality is good, and the cutting bed is a table top. Storage requirements: temperature 1--2 ° C, and the smaller the variation, the better, preferably within ± 1 ° C; slightly dehydrated before storage.

(bulk buy large plastic potting pots)The cuttings are generally taken at the same time as the germination of the carnations(greenhouse supplies pots). The cuttings should be carried out according to the standard. Among them, the survival rate was the highest in the first half of February. It is not only a prerequisite for the formation of high-quality seedlings, but also the basis for large-scale seedlings throughout the year. 

The base should have a slight trunk layer, and the top leaves of the cuttings should be kept 4--5 pieces, and the bases are removed. After finishing the bundle, immerse it in water for 30 minutes to allow the cuttings to absorb enough water(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The cut surface should be close to the internode and treated with a growth regulator to increase the survival rate and the rate of emergence.

Deep in summer, usually 1.5-2 cm(plastic grow pots). After the cutting is completed, it is necessary to spray enough water, and the control should not be too wet afterwards to avoid rotten roots. When the roots of the cuttings are 1 cm long, transplant them, paying attention to less roots. When picking the ears, the buds should be cut by hand instead of scissors, so as to avoid cross infection of the virus. 

It is advisable to insert 1 cm of media when cutting. The mother plant of the seedling mother garden must be a tissue culture seedling. Storage cuttings can provide great convenience for annual seedlings and balanced flowering throughout the year, and can be used for batch operations at one time, saving manpower and material resources(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). (bulk buy large plastic potting pots)

Planted into the seedbed, the root system should be damaged as little as possible(flat plastic tray). The key to the cultivation and management of the mother garden is that the cuttings are packaged in ultra-thin plastic film. If there is no spray, cover the plastic film, and use the curtain after 1 week, but do not shade too much to prevent the length(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale).

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