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Bulk Buy Large Plastic Terracotta Plant Pots

Bougainvillea needs to be fully trimmed once a year(square grow pots). Before the germination in February and March, the pruning is based on the principle of repairing the outer branches and repairing the outer branches, and removing the reverse branches, the weak drooping branches, the inner lychee, the long branches, the dead branches, the overlapping branches, the shaded branches and the disturbing branches(cheap 3 gallon plant pots). When the branches are too dense, leave thick branches, cut short, leave space for new branches to grow and space for flowering and stretching. Trimming should be cut off from the base of the branches without leaving stubs.(bulk buy large plastic terracotta plant pots)

On the contrary, the sprouts that grow out of thin branches tend to be weak and not strong(large plastic terracotta pots). Fertilizers should be applied during long branches to facilitate healthy growth of the branches. However, fertilization is not easy to control, and control of moisture can control the length of the branches. It is found that the long branches need to be cut short, but it is necessary to ensure that the branches of the crown are evenly distributed and not crowned(2 gallon plant container wholesale). After the basic canopy is formed, it is often trimmed, cut off the branches that are not conducive to the shape, and the branches are shortened to promote sprouting.

After flowering in November and before germination in February(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), it is necessary to cut back and cut off the weak branches, shaded branches, flowering branches, and twigs in front of the long branches. Matters needing attention: The idea of the bougainvillea bonsai shape should be counted. When pruning, what we need to pay attention to is to carry out according to the overall image we have determined before(cheapest 2 gallon pots). If you want to cut the number of hearts and then cut it, you must not blindly carry it. Otherwise, it may be half the effort.

(bulk buy large plastic terracotta plant pots)This symptom has a certain relationship with heart rot, mainly due to calcium deficiency in plants(plastic plant trays wholesale). The stem splitting of the plant is mainly caused by the interference of the absorption of boron by the plant. In the case of trimming the branches, the thicker the germination, the stronger the germination(half gallon nursery pots wholesale). The remaining branches after trimming are not useless, we can use them for sculling. The following parts will form a new trunk, the surface is rough and uneven, and it is more vigorous and simple.

Generally, at least when the branches grow too long(gallon pot), they should be moderately cut and cut back in time to promote branching again, and at the same time cut off redundant branches such as overlapping branches. After the docking, it is still necessary to carry out the tightening treatment on both sides, and at the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the rain to prevent rain and watering, so as not to affect the normal growth of the bougainvillea(gallon plant pots wholesale). The shape of the bougainvillea should be picked up from the seedlings and given appropriate watering, supplemented by foliar nitrogen fertilizer to promote the thickening of the bougainvillea branches.(bulk buy large plastic terracotta plant pots)

Apply the base fertilizer, apply 0.1% borax aqueous solution for foliar topdressing or apply a small amount of borax to the soil(seed starting trays). The shovel should be carried out in time with the growth of the branches. After the colonization resumes growth, the slashing starts, and the aluminum wire with a diameter of 0.6 mm is used from the bottom to the top, and the stalks are tightly wound from the trunk to the twig, which promotes the elongation of the twigs(15 gallon nursery pots supplier). Natural folding, you can also use a plastic wrap band to bundle the thick aluminum wire with the tender branches and bend the shape.

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