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Bulk Buy Mini Plastic Plant Nursery Pots Malaysia

Potted flowers in dormant state can not be topdressed in winter(seedling trays wholesale). Plants belonging to this category include pomegranate, bellow, sea bream, hibiscus, cactus, sea bream, hydrangea, medlar, sage, white, milan, rose, peony, peony, iron, pine and cypress(plastic nursery pots). However, these pots must be changed in the winter or in the spring, and the base fertilizer should be applied at one time to facilitate the growth or flowering in the coming year. In the winter, the potted compound fertilizer and ferrous sulfate can be applied.

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(bulk buy mini plastic plant nursery pots malaysia)Plants belonging to this category include monstera, variable leaf wood, peach leaf coral(200 cell seed starter trays), Wenzhu, Umbellifera, and hydrangea. Because of the proper amount of nitrogen and iron, the leaves of the potted plants can be rich and green, and the application of a small amount of potassium can increase the cold resistance of the plants. The method of fertilizing is to embed a small amount of granular fertilizer into the potting soil(plug trays); or to pour the liquid fertilizer into the soil by about 3%, once a month. In the winter, it is advisable to increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

Plants belonging to this category include cyclamen(plant start trays wholesale), poinsettia, geranium, camellia, plum, iron stalk, cineraria and the like. Sufficient phosphorus nutrients can make the flower buds large, colorful or floral, while maintaining a certain amount of potassium is beneficial to improve the cold resistance of potted plants. Such potted plants can be applied with solid phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, or 2 to 3% of liquid fertilizers, such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate(gallon plant pot). The time for fertilization is better for the flower bud growth period, once every two weeks, and the flower buds are stopped after opening.

(bulk buy mini plastic plant nursery pots malaysia)Phosphate fertilizer should be added in the potted plants in winter(32 cell seed starter trays). Plants belonging to this category include kumquat, golden bean, bergamot, and tianzhu. As a result of the plant, a large amount of phosphorus nutrients are consumed. In order to continue the flowering result in the coming year, it is necessary to add enough phosphorus in the winter by applying a certain amount of solid heavy superphosphate from the periphery of the flower pot, but once applied(cell trays). The amount can not be too much, otherwise it will burn the roots, which is counterproductive. Dead leaves can be removed, but it is best not to pruning before the winter season.

Check for harmful insects and eggs under the stems and leaves of the plants(72 cell propagation trays). These primary grafts should be placed separately from other potted plants for 1 month to prevent possible cross-infection. Once pests are found, they should be treated immediately with pesticides. Overheated, dry air is detrimental to potted plants and tends to make spider mites more active(seed starter trays). To maintain the humidity of the potted plants, you may wish to take these measures: use a moisturizer;

(bulk buy mini plastic plant nursery pots malaysia)Place the plants in the same place(200 cell seed starting trays); place the plants on a tray of water and pebbles (water should not flood the pebbles). Unless the potted plant roots are full of pots and stretches, there is no need to change pots. Try to change the basin to choose the first spring season. At the same time, please pay attention to the situation before pouring the basin, first watering, and then change the basin when the soil is dry and wet(gallon nursery pots). "Bathing" plants (that is, washing plants with a hose or shower head) can remove a lot of pests.

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