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If it is too late to ferment, it can be sterilized with medicament after stacking the nutrient soil(gallon plant pot). The method is: dilute the nutrient soil with 1kg formaldehyde 100 times to deal with 4000kg-5000kg nutrient soil, spray the medicament solution evenly on the nutrient soil layer, mix the nutrient soil repeatedly(72 cell seed starting trays), stack it, cover with plastic film, seal it for 2-3 days, spread the medicament soil for 5-7 days, and use it after the life gas is exhausted.

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Or soaking seeds with medicine(large plastic terracotta pots), soaking seeds in 35-40 ℃ warm water for 8-10 hours, then using 10 ml of 50% Carbendazim and 50% thiophanate methyl respectively, adding 1.5 kg of water, soaking seeds for 20-30 minutes, washing seeds with water for 2-3 times, then sprouting or direct sowing. The seedlings grow 3-4 leaves before planting(128 cell seedling start trays). Water only when the ground is dry or the seedlings wilt.(bulk buy mini plastic succulent pots online)

Generally speaking, germination will be done by wrapping the sterilized and soaked seeds with wet yarn cloth at a temperature of 30-35 ℃(square grow pots), which can sprout in 2-3 days without disease, and sowing when the buds are 1.5cm long. Then lay 5cm thick disinfected nutrient soil on the seedbed, sow, sift 1cm of fine soil on the back cover(72 cell seedling trays wholesale), sprinkle a thin layer of water on the back cover to promote germination, and uncover and arch the film after emergence.

Soak the seeds in warm soup and potassium permanganate as early as possible(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), that is, soak the seeds in 50-55 ℃ water and 0.1% potassium permanganate for 15-20 minutes, stir them continuously, wash them and then sprout or sow them directly. Before sowing, carbonize 1 portion of husk or plant ash, mix and pile it to make it mature and ferment for standby(50 cell seed starting trays). In the first and middle of February, 100-150g seeds are planted per mu of field. 

(bulk buy mini plastic succulent pots online)we can also use nutrition bowl to raise seedlings(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The specification of nutrition bowl is 10cm × 10cm. Put the nutrition bowl into half of the bowl of nutrition soil, and plant the germination seeds into the nutrition soil. Put the nutrition bowl on the seedbed paved with plastic film in the shed, cover the plastic film and small arch shed for heat preservation(105 cell seed starting trays), uncover the plastic film and arch up after emergence, without seedling separation.

Temperature and humidity management from sowing to cotyledon micro development(plastic plant trays wholesale), maintain a higher temperature and humidity, bed temperature 25-30 ℃, bed soil moist, air relative humidity above 80%. From cotyledon development to seedling division(32 cell seed starting trays), the bed temperature should be kept at 25-30 ℃ in the daytime, 16-201 ℃, 10-28 ℃ from seedling division to slow seedling, and 10-20 ℃ from slow seedling to planting.

Diseases and insect pests control are mainly Damping off and anthrax(sureroot plug trays bulk). At the beginning of the disease, 75% hundred chlorothalonil wettable powder 500 times liquid or 50% carbendazim wettable powder 500 times liquid spray can be used to control pests and diseases(seed plug trays wholesale). Once every 7-10 days, it can be sprayed 2-3 times. The maggots can be sprayed with 800 fold liquid of 90% crystal dipterex for control.(bulk buy mini plastic succulent pots online)

The sprouts of the seeds sown by seedling were produced 2-3 days after sowing and 15-25 days after sowing by wet seeds(104 cell trays bulk). One leaf and one heart. One plant for each pot, after seedling division, pour water for pressing the stump, cover the small arch shed to increase the temperature and moisture, and promote the slow seedling(128 cell seed starter trays). 7 days should start to refine seedlings, bed temperature dropped to 10-12 ℃.

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