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Epiphyllum is very beautiful when it blossoms, but its blooming period is very short, which just confirms the phrase "Epiphyllum is beautiful in a moment"(gallon plant pot). But even so, there are still many potted friends in our country like to grow as family potted plants, hoping to see its beautiful posture when it blooms one day(flat plastic tray). So, how to cut Epiphyllum? Like many fleshy plants, the process of cutting Epiphyllum can be achieved through leaf cuttings to breed seedlings.

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(bulk buy plant pots plastic terracotta cheap thailand)Therefore, the cutting of Epiphyllum is more accurate than the leaf cutting of Epiphyllum(cell trays). Next, Xiaobian will share with you the cutting process of Epiphyllum. Like polyphyll cuttings, the first thing to do is to cut some strong, full-grown leaves. That is to say, mature and thick leaves are selected and cut from the adult plant of Epiphyllum, and then the leaves are cut into many segments(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The length of each leaf segment should be kept at about 10 cm.

At the same time, insert more blades to ensure the survival probability(plug trays). Cut the blades into segments and place them in a dry, cool and well ventilated place. Don't worry that too much water loss will affect the survival rate of cuttings. In fact, Epiphyllum itself belongs to fleshy flower plants, leaves are rich in water and nutrients(greenhouse supplies pots), even if the cut leaves are put aside for a long time, there will be no dry death.

(bulk buy plant pots plastic terracotta cheap thailand)However, before cutting, the cut blades are usually placed for a week, and the original cuttings are made after the wounds heal(gallon nursery pots), thus reducing the decay after cutting. Firstly, prepare a pottery pot suitable for cutting, and fill the soil with the drainage layer. Considering the softness and permeability of the basin soil(wholesale greenhouse pots), it is suggested to mix peat soil with perlite. Then the leaves for cutting were inserted into the culture soil.

When the rooting and germination of the cutting leaves occur, they can be transplanted into a new pot(propagation tray). After the cuttings take root, germinate and grow steadily, we need to do a good job of maintenance and management. In addition to light and temperature to meet the conditions, the most frequently used means of maintenance management is watering, and watering is very critical(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Usually it needs to wait until the basin soil has dried up before watering. If you don't do it, you don't.

(bulk buy plant pots plastic terracotta cheap thailand)We need to cut it off and clean it up in time, even the part of the soil that is removed from the rotten leaves needs to be replaced(black plastic plant pots). This is mainly to prevent bacterial infection and affect the normal growth of plants. At the same time, in order to ensure that Epiphyllum can blossom better, pot change is also necessary(square nursery pots). For young Epiphyllum, it is usually possible to exchange pots once a year, while for adult plants, it is usually possible to change pots once in 2-3 years.

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