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Bulk Buy Plastic 1 Gallon Trade Pot

Anthocyanin is a natural free radical scavenger, which is very beneficial to human health(72 cell plug trays supplier). It has anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. A method for improving the content of anthocyanin in radish sprouts is provided, which comprises four stages of soaking, germination, cultivation and harvesting, and adopting UV-B treatment in the cultivation stage(plug trays wholesale). The radish sprouts cultivated by the method of the invention grow rapidly, the leaves are greenish, and are rich in anthocyanins.

(bulk buy plastic 1 gallon trade pot)The sprout seed is dropped into the seed separation tank along the seed tank in the seed box(seed starting trays supplier), and the present invention adjusts the falling speed of the seed in the seed box by adjusting the opening and closing gap of the baffle. Especially for organic multi-layer planting and seed sowing of various sprouts and sowing of sprouts without solid substrate, it can realize the sowing of organic sprouts in hydroponics and fog culture(plastic nursery pots). It has the characteristics of high automation, uniform seeding density, high work efficiency and flexible operation.

Make apple granules and cut the ripe apples into squares of 0.8 to 1.2 cm3(72 cell propagation trays). The seed is germinated after being seeded with the apple granules. The beneficial effect is that the common germination combined with the phytohormone emitted from the mature apple can achieve rapid seed germination and reduce the involvement of chemical synthetic substances in germination, so that the cultivated sprout has an apple flavor(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The use of simple equipment and process with sprouts is simple, convenient, low cost and high yield.

(bulk buy plastic 1 gallon trade pot)Sprouts cultivation nutrition paper and a method for improving the content of rutin in sprouts(128 cell plug trays supplier), the sprouting vegetable nutrition paper is prepared by soaking the seedling paper in the rutin solution, and drying the radish in the seedling cultivation nutrition paper The content is: 1 to 5 mg/g. The rutin solution is prepared by mixing rutin extract with deionized water, and the weight percentage of the rutin extract in the rutin solution is 5-15%(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Rutin is extracted from the waste of bitter sprouts.

By using the sprouting vegetable cultivated nutrition paper prepared by the invention(200 cell seed starting trays), the sprouted vegetable produced can reach the green standard, and on the basis of maintaining the nutrient composition of the sprouting vegetable itself, the new health care function of the sprouting vegetable is also given. Through diet, good for health, thus expanding the scope of promotion of sprouts(wholesale nursery pots). The nutritional paper of the invention can be used for soilless cultivation of various sprouts, and can significantly improve the rutin content of the cultivated sprouts.

(bulk buy plastic 1 gallon trade pot)A sprout seeding machine(128 cell seed trays wholesale), comprising a transmission roller, a conveyor belt, a seed separation box, a brush shaft, a brush, a seed box, a baffle, a seed template, a seed tray, a frame, and the motor is used to drive the whole machine, and the motor The movement is transmitted to the seed separation box through the conveyor belt, and the brush is rotated to separate the seed of the sprouting seed(black plastic nursery pots), which is characterized in that the selected seeds which need to be sprouted are soaked with warm water at normal temperature and normal pressure for 5 to 15 hours.

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