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The metamorphic mesophyll is thick and thick, and the two pieces are connected to form an inverted cone(wholesale nursery pots). The top of the leaf is formed into an approximately elliptical top stone with a slight protrusion and a small gap in the middle. The 3 to 4 year old raw stone flower blooms golden yellow flowers from the middle gap of the leaf. When it blooms, the flowers cover almost the whole plant(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). It is mostly open in the afternoon, closed in the evening, and opened again at noon the next day. Open for 4 to 6 days, generally only 1 flower per plant.

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(bulk buy plastic 2 gallon pots cheap florida)What should I do with decay? The stone flower is a perennial small succulent plant(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The stem is extremely short and often cannot be seen. The flowers naturally wither and bear fruit, and can harvest fine seeds. The stone is warm, dry and sunny, and the temperature is 20-24 °C, which is afraid of glare and cold. After the autumn, the amount of watering should be gradually increased. The root system of the raw stone flower is developed. It should be cultivated in a deep basin(2 gallon plant pots supplier). It can be combined with watering and a little thin liquid fertilizer to facilitate flowering.

Raw stone flowers are not very strict on environmental conditions, and cultivation management is relatively simple(plug trays wholesale). Because of its light, the growing season should be fully exposed to light. Spring and autumn are strong growth periods, and water can be poured once every 3 to 5 days to promote growth and flowering. The growth rule of raw stone flower begins from March to April, and it grows in summer and high temperature season, enters the summer dormancy period(1 gallon pots manufacturer), and then resumes growth and flowering after autumn cool, and then enters dormancy and winter after flowering.

(bulk buy plastic 2 gallon pots cheap florida)When the spring began to grow, the original old plants gradually shrunk(black plastic nursery pots), and two young raw stone flowers grew from the gap, causing the old plants to burst. At this time, it is necessary to reduce the watering, so that the potting soil is slightly dry, and it is not possible to directly spray water on the plants to prevent the wound from causing decay. After entering the summer, move to the indoor semi-gloss to avoid direct sunlight(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). At the same time, pay attention to window ventilation and cool down, and properly control the watering to make it safe for summer.

After the flower, the watering should be gradually reduced(plastic nursery pots wholesale). In winter, the watering should be strictly controlled to keep the soil dry. During the winter, the room temperature should be kept above 13 °C and have good light. The potting soil can be prepared from 4 parts of humus soil, 3 parts of calcareous material (shell powder, eggshell powder, ash wall soil, etc.) and 3 parts of river sand(7 gallon pots manufacturer). Planting should not be too deep, otherwise it will easily cause decay. Put a layer of small pebbles on the surface of the basin, which is both beautiful and cool.

(bulk buy plastic 2 gallon pots cheap florida)Remember not to dry in the sun, the sun under the sun, it is easy to let the water of the plant itself lose quickly(plastic nursery pots), the crack of the stone flower is composed of a small blisters under the microscope, the cracked wound is like a small pocket It was torn open, and the water in the small pockets came out(2 gallon pots manufacturer), and the adjacent unsplit area was protected by its own tissue, just like the packaging bubble we usually used, and broke a bubble.

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