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Bulk Buy Plastic 3 Gallon Nursery Pots

First, the sowing depth is about 1 cm(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). The seeding trays are moved into the germination chamber or the nursery greenhouse(square grow pots). The environmental conditions for germination are between 25 and 30 °C during the daytime, between 20 and 25 °C at night, and the ambient humidity is greater than 90%.(bulk buy plastic 3 gallon nursery pots)

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In the nursery greenhouse, germination, should pay attention to maintain indoor humidity, often observe(12cm plant pots), timely supplement the substrate moisture. It is common to quickly move the germination tray from the germination chamber to the nursery greenhouse for seedling cultivation(wholesale plant pots). During the period from 3 to 1 heart to seedling, the daytime temperature is controlled at 20 to 26 °C, and the nighttime temperature is controlled at 12 to 15 °C. 

The temperature management of the main seedling cultivation is basically a daytime temperature of 20 to 26 ° C and a nighttime temperature of 15 to 18 ° C(12cm nursery pot). Before the emergence of 2 to 3 true leaves in the seedlings, if the nighttime temperature in the greenhouse is low(5 gallon growing pots), reducing the disease and root rot happened. After sowing, cover the vermiculite or matrix, pour the water and see the water droplets flowing out from the bottom hole of the tray.

(bulk buy plastic 3 gallon nursery pots)If the nighttime temperature is lower than 10 °C, the growth and development of the seedlings will be hindered(1 gallon planter), especially if the rhizosphere temperature is lower than 15-18 °C, and the roots of the seedlings will be poorly developed. Reduce humidity, control watering, pay attention to ventilation, spray chlorothalonil, carbendazim, daisen zinc and other agents on the roots of seedlings.

Before the germination tray enters the greenhouse to the two true leaves, the water is appropriately controlled(seed planting trays), and the effective moisture content in the matrix is adjusted to be between 60% and 70% according to the emergence condition. Combined with watering for 1 to 2 times of nutrient solution fertilization, 2000 times of NPK ternary compound fertilizer solution can be applied.

First, during the development of the cotyledons of the seedlings to the 2 leaves and 1 heart(13cm plant pots), heating or temporary heating measures can be taken below 15 °C to prevent the growth and development of the seedlings from being affected, the effective moisture content in the matrix is 70% to 75% of the maximum water holding capacity. Ventilation during the day and reduce the humidity of the air to keep it at 70% to 80%(15 gallon plastic pots). 

(bulk buy plastic 3 gallon nursery pots)Label the seedling tray. The main pests and diseases of eggplant seedlings are rickets and mites(14cm plant pots). The effective water content after the 3 leaves and 1 heart in the seedling stage is 65% to 70%. The nighttime temperature drops to around 15 °C, but not below 12 °C(plastic nursery pots wholesale). You need to soak the seeds in 500mg/kg gibberellic acid solution for 24h, air dry and sow. 

The prevention and treatment of squatting is to avoid repeated use of old matrices or to sterilize the substrate before sowing(15cm plant pots). The control method of aphids is to add insect-repellent nets or yellow plate traps(7 gallon pots), when about 60% of the seeds sprouted out of the soil, or spray Xerox, cyhalothrin, avermectin and other agents for control.(bulk buy plastic 3 gallon nursery pots)

When the seedlings have 2 leaves and 1 heart, the seedlings should be completed in 1 leaf and 1 heart(16cm plant pots). After 4 to 5 days from the start of germination, then when transplanting, the film can be covered on the surface of the tray to maintain moisture and increase the temperature(plastic nursery pots), but it is necessary to remove the mulch film when the seed germination is revealed.

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