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It shows that seedlings accumulate rare earth and accumulate in roots and transport them to leaves(farm tray). Research on the application of rare earths began in the early 1930s. It was found that rare earth elements can promote the growth of plants and use the effect of mixed elements. optimal. Significant progress has also been made in the research of the physiological functions of rare earths(128 cell seedling start trays), toxin hygiene and production processes.

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Mixing low concentration rare earth with acetic acid can increase the formation of rooting tissue and adventitious roots(plastic seedling trays). my country is the country with the most abundant rare earth resources in the world, and its industrial reserves are more than three times the total foreign reserves. When the concentration of rare earth is 5-10 mg/L, longan and litchi(72 cell seed starting trays), The root growth of cuttings with smiles increased by 0%~70% compared with the control, and larch increased by 80%~90%.(bulk buy plastic 3 gallon pots for plants uk)

Studies on spraying rare earths on economic tree seedlings have confirmed that with 600 mg/l of rare earth liquid spraying racks, chestnuts, apples(soil block trays), and sclerophytes, chlorophyll increased by 2.84 mg/l, 0.8 mg/l, and 7.03 mg/l, respectively, compared to the control. The photosynthetic intensity of apricot, Chinese cabbage, vegetable and apple increased by 0.0882 mg/sq.m, 0.0593 mg/sq. cm, 0.05 mg/sq. cm and 0.0191 mg/sq. cm(5 gallon pots). Phosphorus and potassium accumulation have a similar trend.

(bulk buy plastic 3 gallon pots for plants uk)Studies on the application of rare earths on seedlings of Cryptomeria fortunei with different fertility showed that in the land with slightly higher fertility(rootmaker trays), the nitrogen accumulation of seedling leaves increased by 6.3%-11.7% compared with the control; in the soil with low fertility, the accumulation of nitrogen in leaves increased by 0.5% -3.8%(seedling tray 104 holes): At that time, the former Soviet Union applied potting and side testing on wheat, peas, radishes, flax and other agricultural crops. 

Therefore, people call the rare earth rare earth fertilizer(200 cell plug trays). In the 5 mg/L rare earth hydroponic group, the contents of rare earth in the organs of service are: 267.5 mg/L of roots, 27.7 mg/L of leaves, and 16.2 mg/L of stems. The domestic application of mixed rare earth and steel to the seed soaking treatment of more than 30 tree species shows that proper concentration can significantly improve seed germination or accelerate seedling growth(plastic growing trays). And play a role in promoting root growth in the transport.

For example, after soaking seeds of Pinus tabulaeformis seeds with 500-2500 mg/L rare earth(v16 nursery pots), the total amino acid content of immature embryos is increased by 2.42%-25.42% compared with the control, which in turn affects the respiration of seeds and promotes germination of embryos. The results of spraying on jujube trees show that spraying at flowering stage can promote the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus, system, zinc and other elements(1 gallon pots). Rare earth also promotes rooting in Dede.

If soaking with 200 micrograms/gram of rare earth acid for 4 hours(grass plug trays), the germination rate of Xing'an larch seeds in the laboratory can be increased by 15.1%, and the emergence rate of the field nursery can be increased by 14%, which is of great significance to production. Soaking seeds with rare earth can regulate the activity of seed embryo enzymes and increase the content of amino acids(decorative plastic plant pots). These tests have shown that rare earth can be absorbed by seedlings.(bulk buy plastic 3 gallon pots for plants uk)

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