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Bulk Buy Plastic 72 Cell Propagation Tray

Many basin friends raise the hydrangea to be tall and thin, and the flowers are small and small, but they don't know what is going on(square grow pots). Let the hydrangea not only grow more full and lush, but also bloom more. So, what is so amazing? In fact, this kind of thing is also more common, all soy flour(51 cell trays bulk). Originally, as long as we usually apply some soybean powder to the plants during the maintenance management process, especially during the pregnancy buds.(bulk buy plastic 72 cell propagation tray)

Of course, if it can be combined with trimming, then hydrangea is very easy to flower and burst(large plastic terracotta pots). Temperature also plays an important role in the growth of hydrangea. Not only will it cause yellowing of the leaves of the plants, but it will also cause other problems of poor growth(104 cell trays bulk). When we find that the leaves of the potted hydrangea are yellow, we should remove the yellow leaves in time to avoid excessive consumption of nutrients and water, causing the growth of healthy branches and leaves.

(bulk buy plastic 72 cell propagation tray)If there are residual flowers on the plant at this time, it needs to be removed together to reduce nutrient consumption(gallon pot). As long as everyone adopts scientific and reasonable methods for conservation management in the later stage, it is believed that the hydrangea will eventually return to normal growth(72 cell seed starting trays). Hydrangea is a kind of flower plant that prefers fertilization, while the soybeans made into flower fertilizer are very rich in nutrients, and there is a high-quality NPK compound fertilizer.

Then, about every 100 grams of soybeans contains 1.5 grams of potassium, about 465 milligrams of phosphorus, and protein accounts for about 40%(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). At the same time, soybeans can also decompose a large amount of nitrogen. In addition, soybeans are also rich in trace elements such as iron, selenium and calcium(40 cell tray in bulk). Therefore, applying some soybean fertilizer to the plant can provide rich nutrients for the hydrangea in all directions. And the production of soy flour is very simple.

After drying, it was crushed into a powder, which was made into soy flour(seed starting trays). When applying soy flour for hydrangea, a groove of about 3 cm depth is generally dug along the edge of the inner wall of the flower pot, and then the soy flour is evenly sprinkled into the groove, and it can be applied twice a month(128 cell seedling start trays). With the later watering, the nutrients in the soy flour will be fully absorbed by the hydrangea, which will prompt the hydrangea to quickly breed the flower buds.

(bulk buy plastic 72 cell propagation tray)How to fertilize hydrangea(plastic plant trays wholesale)? We can also apply some potassium dihydrogen phosphate to the plants and configure them to a concentration of 0.2%. You can also use superphosphate instead. After absorbing the nutrients, hydrangea will not only grow up, but also bloom. Do you know? There is a kind of flower that symbolizes "unity"(128 cell seed starter trays). When it blooms, it blooms in clusters and the flowers are compact, so people give it a name of "hydrangea".

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