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Sakura is an important garden flowering tree species(plastic nursery pots). When it blooms in early spring, large and beautiful flowers are covered with whole trees, and its posture is beautiful and dazzling. Then the branches and leaves are lush, the shade is green, and the bark is bright and horizontal. Suitable for roadside and garden greening. Grafting cherry blossoms should not use mountain peaches and mountain apricots as rootstocks because of poor affinity, especially in the later stages(8.89cm square grow pots). Seedlings of mountain cherry, mountain cherry or sweet cherry varieties are used as rootstocks.

(bulk buy plastic gallon plant pots)From the 1980s, the introduction and use of tissue culture developed the colt rootstock, in addition to suitable as a sweet cherry rootstock(11.43cm square grow pots), the test is also suitable for cherry rootstock, the breeding method can be vegetatively propagated by the bead method. The scion is made of excellent varieties of thick branches. Inferior trees can be used as large rootstocks for high-replacement. One is the autumn bud(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The rootstocks that are propagated with seeds can reach a plant height of more than 70 cm in autumn, which is suitable for budding.

In the spring of the next year, cut the rootstock above the bud to promote the germination of the bud(black plastic nursery pots). The second is grafting in summer. The rootstocks rooted in the bead are transplanted into the nursery in the second year. The scion has begun to be lignified in the summer. T-shaped buds or block-shaped buds can be connected, and the roots are picked up in the middle of the rootstock. After the survival, the rootstock above the bud is cut, the lower rootstock retains the old leaves(11.43cm square nursery pots), the germination is wiped out, the growth of the buds is promoted, and the strong seedlings can be formed after the autumn.

(bulk buy plastic gallon plant pots)The day before yesterday, a younger brother asked me about grafting technology(20cm plastic grow pots). In fact, I only know some grafting techniques, but I have never practiced it myself. Hey, let me introduce the grafting technology of cherry blossoms! It is best to use the seedlings of grass cherry as the rootstock. For the mid-December to the end of January, from the growing grassy cherry tree, the tree branches that have been basically lignified are selected(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and the small pieces with a length of 8 to 10 cm are cut from the bottom to the base.

The branches are naturally drooping, and even the branches are bent(plug trays wholesale). After the picking, the anvil is not cut and grows for 1 year to form a strong seedling. T-shaped bud connection can be used, and it can also be used to insert buds. Grafting: The rootless cutting method is adopted, which has the advantage that the operation technology is simple and practical. It can be grafted on the rootstock with finer ground diameter to improve the utilization rate of the rootstock(23cm plastic grow pots); the grafting time is long, can be postponed until the end of March, and can be repeated to make the grafting survival rate effectively, and the economic benefit is remarkable.

(bulk buy plastic gallon plant pots)Preservatives must be applied after trimming to prevent the wound from rot, as the cherry blossom wound heals slowly(wholesale nursery pots). The cherry blossoms on the new pots should be short-cut to promote more new shoots and differentiate more flower buds. Cut the short cut of the rootstock, the cutting of the scion and the rootstock. We can graft the cherry blossom varieties with similar flowering dates on a pot of cherry blossoms(6.35cm square grow pots), and produce a potted cherry blossom bonsai with two pots and one pot of flowers, which is less than 1cm long.

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