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Bulk Buy Plastic Germination Tray Cheap Price

The rich bamboo stems look like bamboo knots but not bamboo(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Rich bamboo is easy to cultivate, and it is called "Great luck." The stem is tall and straight, the leaves are dark green, and the winter and summer are evergreen. Whether it is plated or cut stems or processed, “open bamboo” or “bent bamboo”, they are all sparse and clean, with delicate stems and leaves, soft and elegant(10cm plastic grow pots). Rich in bamboo rhyme, the value of viewing is extremely high.

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How to fertilize the rich bamboo is divided into two aspects, one is the rich bamboo inserted in the water, and the other is the rich bamboo planted in the soil(sureroot plug trays bulk). How to apply fertilizer separately for different conservation methods. Fuguizhu is a very popular foliage plant. For how to fertilize rich bamboo, you don't have to be too cautious. You can use it without water, and you can use it with fertilization and thin fertilizer(10.5cm plastic grow pots). Just drop a few drops and the water will deteriorate and the roots will rot. 

(bulk buy plastic germination tray cheap price)It is necessary to adhere to the thin fertilizer application, and apply a small amount of NPK compound fertilizer for 15 days to 20 days(large plastic terracotta pots). Excessive or single application of nitrogen fertilizer is easy to grow. Do not fertilize in winter, less watering. But for the sake of beauty, make it grow stronger, you can also go to the market to buy compound fertilizer(100mm plastic grow pots), it is best to buy special fertilizer in the flower market, pay attention to give it loose soil when fertilizing.

For China, there is a message of "flowers are rich and the bamboo is safe", so people love it(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). If it is hydroponics, every 2 weeks after changing the water, potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be added to dissolve it in the plant. During the growing season, fertilization is carried out with solid fertilizer in every 2 to 3 months(11cm plastic grow pots). Generally, the rich bamboo in the family is not fertilized. If the fertilizer is not applied for a long time, the plant grows thin and the leaf color is easy to yellow. 

How to fertilize the rich bamboo in the water: Relatively speaking, the rich bamboo inserted in the water can rise very well even if it is not fertilized(wilson garden). However, there is a slight obsessive-compulsive disorder in the flower, that is, no fertilization is considered. If the length is not good, it will be good to fertilize. You only need to add water and occasionally change the water(110mm plastic grow pots). However, if you have nutrient solution on hand, you can give nutrient solution properly (just put a little less).(bulk buy plastic germination tray cheap price)

For the water inserted in the rich bamboo(plastic plant trays wholesale), the base is cut off with a sharp knife before planting, and the base is cut into a diagonal mouth with a sharp knife to absorb water and nutrients. After rooting, a small amount of compound fertilizer should be applied in time, and the leaves are green and the branches are thick and strong(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). But fertilization should not be too much, so as not to cause "burning roots" or causing longevity. In the spring and autumn, you can apply compound fertilizer once a month.

(bulk buy plastic germination tray cheap price)The rich bamboo of the soil is obviously higher than the water, and the fertilization is carried out according to the principle of thin fertilizer and multi-application(square grow pots). There is a good fertilizer for the flower, and the author has not actually compared it, but the flower friend can Buying foliage plant fertilizers, mainly based on nitrogen fertilizer, is almost the same effect(12cm plastic grow pots). If you want to worry about it, you can sprinkle some long-acting slow-release fertilizer.

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