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Bulk Buy Plastic Greenhouse 10x20 Growing Trays

Plug seedlings are a major technological innovation in vegetable seedlings(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). They overcome the shortcomings of traditional nutrient seedlings with low seedling rate, difficult to control seedlings, high cost, and large bed area. They are well received by the farmers. The choice of the tray should be determined according to the type of vegetables and the size of the seedlings(90mm plastic grow pots). The deeper the caucus, such as 72 points or 105 points for sweet peppers, 105 points for tomatoes, and 50 points for grafted seedlings.

(bulk buy plastic greenhouse 10x20 growing trays)Plug seedlings should pay attention to hydration(black plastic nursery pots). Before sowing, the tray should be disinfected first. The tray can be soaked with the solution of carbendazim solution. It can also be disinfected with potassium permanganate solution, especially the old trays should be disinfected. Measures. The choice of matrix is an important link in the seedling substrate seedling cultivation(9cm plastic grow pots). Many seedling factories and vegetable growers in production are caused by the slow selection of the seedlings and the yellow leaves.

It is especially suitable for mass production(wholesale nursery pots). The selection of the substrate should be based on the pH, nutrient and other requirements of the roots of the melon seedlings, and the suitable substrate can be selected. For example, the imported substrate can be used, and the substrate can also be used. The substrate should be disinfected before being placed in the tray(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). It can be treated with carbendazim, or mixed with the antibacterial 968 Miaobao at a certain ratio.

Water burns seedlings to help preserve seedlings and promote seedlings(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The biological bacteria can protect the normal growth of the seedlings by the action of bacteria and bacteria. After sowing, according to the requirements of the depth of different crops, the substrate should be covered with the substrate, and then covered with the film to keep warm and moisturize, and promote the seedlings, the whole seedlings and the uniform seedlings(40 cell plug tray wholesale). If you plant on the tray, you can choose 200 or 288 points.(bulk buy plastic greenhouse 10x20 growing trays)

Spraying the bottom water once a day before sowing, pouring through the substrate(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the bottom layer can start to meet the requirements of sowing and germination when the water begins to see water, and at the same time, it can be combined with water spray according to the disease at the seedling stage. If the bottom water is too much, the bed temperature will be lowered(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). If the bottom water is insufficient, it will increase the difficulty of hydrating and promoting the whole seedling.

Directly planting with seedlings(plastic nursery pots), when using seedlings to grow seedlings, seeding with plugs, let the seedlings grow in the plugs, when the seedling emergence rate reaches 50% or more, the film should be removed in time to prevent high temperature shortage during emergence. Although the seedling substrate seedlings are simple and feasible, in the hot and rainy season in summer(40 cell propagation trays wholesale), the use of "two nets and one membrane" to cover seedlings is still the focus of management during this period.

(bulk buy plastic greenhouse 10x20 growing trays)As long as the climatic conditions of the open field are not very bad, the slow seedling period is short(plug trays wholesale). The sunshade net can play the role of shading and cooling, and the insect net can prevent the insects from sneaking into the body, and the film can play the role of rain prevention. The use of shade nets must be scientific and reasonable. Do not cover the seeds for a long time after emergence, so as to avoid poor growth of the seedlings(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). Timely purchase according to the purpose of seedlings.

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