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Bulk Buy Plastic Greenhouse Pots Cheap

 Here is a brief introduction to the fertilization method of potted lilac(plug trays wholesale). Mix the fertilizer and the substrate evenly, usually once a year or every other year before winter into a compost compost(11.43cm square grow pots). Generally do not apply fertilizer or only a small amount of fertilizer, otherwise it will cause a long length, which will affect the formation of flower buds, but reduce flowering.(bulk buy plastic greenhouse pots cheap)

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If the soil of the house pot clove is alkaline, it can be improved appropriately(plastic nursery pots). Use charcoal and vermiculite 2:1, or peat and vermiculite plus waste mushroom 1:1:1, covered with vermiculite. 288 holes are 2.8m3 for every 1000 discs, 3.7m3 for 128 holes, and 4.7m3 for every 1000 plates. Or you can use Dvordo bio-organic fertilizer (granules) to bury it along the edge of the pot, without using liquid fertilizer.

After the seedlings 3 leaves 1 heart, combined with water spray for 2-3 times foliar spray fertilizer(8.89cm square grow pots). The seed should be tested for germination rate before sowing, and the seed germination rate should be above 90%. For this purpose, for the first seedlings, the missing seed holes should be filled when the first true leaves are unfolded. Do not apply too much fertilizer, so as not to cause the branches to grow, affecting flowering.

5~6 leaf seedlings use 72-hole trays(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Soaked after air drying or pelletized before planting. The seeding depth of the orifice plate should be greater than 1 cm, and the seeding depth of the 128-hole disk and the 288-hole disk is 0.5-1.0 cm. When the greenhouse night temperature is low, avoid excessive fertilization, the geothermal line can be used for other temporary heating measures. 

After the seeding and covering operation is completed, the seedling tray is sprayed with water to make the substrate water holding capacity above 1%(6.35cm square grow pots). The cotyledons are expanded to 2 leaves and the water content is 70% to 75% of the maximum water holding capacity. The Dvordo series of liquid fertilizer can be used according to the main menu. Clove does not like big fertilizer. 

(bulk buy plastic greenhouse pots cheap)Fertilization stops in winter, and the cells are clearly visible after watering(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Then, how to fertilize potted lilac in farming? 3 leaves 1 heart to commercial seedlings sales, moisture content is the maximum water holding capacity of 65% ~ 70%. When 60% of the seeds in the seedling tray are arched, the seedling tray can be moved into the nursery greenhouse(23cm plastic grow pots). 

After entering the greenhouse, the daytime temperature should be higher than 25 °C, and the night temperature should be 18-20 °C(wholesale nursery pots). 2 leaves l heart night temperature can be reduced to about 15 ° C, but not less than 12C. Ventilation during the day to reduce the relative humidity of the air(20cm plastic grow pots). When the eggplant is sown in quantity, the seedling rate is generally only 60% to 70%.

The germination chamber is 25-300C during the day, which lasts 4-5 days. Seeds were soaked with nL gibberellin for 24 h(black plastic nursery pots). Considering the workload of eggplant seedlings, when using 72-well trays to grow eggplant seedlings, most of them are first planted in 288 seedling trays(19cm plastic grow pots). When the seedlings grow to 1~2 true leaves, they are moved to 72-well seedling trays. .

(bulk buy plastic greenhouse pots cheap)However, some phosphorus, potassium fertilizer and nitrogen fertilizer should be applied after flowering(square grow pots). The lilac flowers are elegant and elegant, and they are favored and favored by the public as treasures in the courtyard. Fertilization should be thin and dilute, usually use a ratio of 1:400 for a period of 10 to 15 days(16.5cm plastic grow pots). 

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