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Bulk Buy Plastic Nursery Plant Pots

Bitter gourd is a thermophilic crop(cell trays), and greenhouse production requires crops that are resistant to low temperature and low light, so that bitter gourd can grow normally at a low temperature of 10 °C. The rootstock can be used with 90-1 pumpkin or Yunnan black seed pumpkin, and the stalk can be used with Lanshan long white bitter gourd or 89-1 bitter gourd(greenhouse supplies pots). 

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(bulk buy plastic nursery plant pots)Continue to soak the water temperature to about 30 °C(propagation tray). Soak the bitter gourd seeds for 12 hours, soak the black seed pumpkin for 8 hours, then repeatedly rub it, rinse it with water, put it into a breathable cloth bag, put it in a warm place to germination, rinse it once a day with 30 °C warm water, drain excess water. 

Turn the seeds and wait until 35% of the seeds are white(wholesale greenhouse pots). In mid-December, a hot-bed hotbed was used to raise seedlings, and the daytime temperature was controlled at 32 °C and at night at 22 °C. The screened bitter gourd and black seed pumpkin seeds are soaked in hot water of 55-60 ° C, and the seeds are continuously stirred to make the seeds evenly heated.

It should be shaded all day after 1 to 3 days, and lighted at 10 am and 3 pm after 3 days, and the rest of the time(gallon nursery pots). The temperature is controlled at 32 ° C during the day, 20 ° C at night, and the humidity is about 90%. After 7 days, no light is blocked. On the 8th to 10th day, the bitter melon roots are cut with a thin blade and appropriately cooled(bulk buy plastic nursery plant pots). 

During the day, the temperature is controlled at 25 ° C, 15 ° C at night, and need to be grafted with black seed pumpkin that is resistant to low temperature and low light, and the night temperature is reduced to 10 ° C 5 days before planting(plastic grow pots). Improve the ability to adapt to low temperatures, deep turn and flatten. No pruning in the middle and late stages, but the lower aging yellow leaves need to be removed. 

(bulk buy plastic nursery plant pots)Black seed pumpkins are sown for 1 to 2 days later than bitter gourd(plug trays). The bitter gourd grafted seedlings were planted in the greenhouse at the end of January. The planted 8,000 kg of high-quality farmyard manure, 100-150 kg of decomposed cake fertilizer and 80 kg of vegetable-specific compound fertilizer per acre. 

The planting row distance is 80 cm, the plant spacing is 30 cm, and 3,000 plants are planted in acre. It is advisable not to bury the interface when planting the seedlings(flat plastic tray). In order to improve the indoor temperature, 40~50 °C warm water can be poured at the time of planting, and then the seedling water can be poured again after 3 to 4 days(bulk buy plastic nursery plant pots). After the vine grows to 30 cm, the vines will be tied. 

When the pumpkin seedlings grow out of the heart and the bitter melon seedlings grow to a leaf and a hear(blow molded nursery pots)t, they can be grafted (using the docking method). When plucking, combine cultivating in the roots to cultivate soil. After vines, it should be framed in time. After that, the vines will be tied once every 4 to 5 knots. Leave 2 to 3 side vines per plant and remove all others(seed starter trays). 

(bulk buy plastic nursery plant pots)Because of the cultivation of parsley in summer and autumn(black plastic plant pots), it often encounters high temperature and drought or strong storm and rain(gallon plant pot), so it is necessary to choose varieties with good quality, heat resistance, early resistance, fast growth and disease resistance. Choose a protected area with a sunshade as a cultivation place. 

You can also cover the coriander with straw, soak the straw after emergence, and take a small flat shed with a height of 60~70 cm(square nursery pots). It is better to use sandy loam soil with high topography, rich in organic matter, loose soil, and good water retention and fertility. The seedling water is poured, and after the soil surface is slightly dried, the cultivation is carried out several times. 

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