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The ability of top soil of rape seedling is weak(4 inch succulent pots), so it is necessary to check the seedling and replant after emergence to prevent ridge cutting. In order to keep the same seedling situation, we should do seed germination first and then sowing. In the seedling stage(128 cell trays bulk), 1-2 times of middle ploughing, and the depth of middle ploughing is suitable to loosen the soil without damaging the root system.

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The rape field used for making green fertilizer does not need topdressing(succulent pots online). However, for the plot with poor soil and weak rape growth, 5 kg urea per mu can be applied in the 4-5 leaf stage of rape to promote the cultivation of large fertilizer with small fertilizer(72 cell plug trays supplier). At the same time, the plot of green manure should be irrigated according to the needs of the orchard, but the rape should be irrigated before rolling.(bulk buy plastic nursery supplies pots)

The main pests in the seedling stage of rape are springing beetles, which can be avoided or reduced by early sowing at suitable time(large black plastic planters). Rape is a dicotyledonous plant. It is not suitable to use chemical weeding when interplanting in orchards. During the growth period of rape, according to the principle of early elimination and small elimination(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), it can be cultivated and manually removed at any time during the seedling period.

(bulk buy plastic nursery supplies pots)Too late turning over and pressing(cell flats), the organic nutrients of stem and leaf transfer to the grain, the carbon metabolism is too strong, resulting in the increase of carbon nitrogen ratio, the increase of lignification degree of stem fiber(sureroot plug trays bulk), which is not conducive to small-scale mechanical rotary tillage crushing, turning over and pressing into the soil and rapid decomposition.

The purpose of turning rape into green fertilizer is to improve the organic matter of orchard soil, improve the soil(cheap plastic hanging baskets), and maintain the healthy development of orchard. Therefore, turning over immature green stems is the main purpose, and harvesting rapeseed or rape stems is not the purpose(72 cell trays bulk), so it should be avoided not to turn over because of the good growth of rape, which will affect the growth of fruit trees. 

After the previous rape is turned over and pressed(plastic hanging baskets wholesale), it is necessary to rush for the soil moisture as soon as possible, and use the mechanical strip sowing or manual sowing method to sow. After sowing, it is necessary to rake in time to make the seeds closely contact with the soil(72 cell seed trays wholesale), avoid the seeds hanging in the air, and affect the normal emergence of seedlings.(bulk buy plastic nursery supplies pots)

When the rape grows up, the grass damage will be naturally inhibited(bulk grow bags). In the flowering stage, it is most suitable for rotary tillage, and the C / N ratio and water content are suitable. The above is that if necessary, the rape can be rotated for a second time to avoid the continuous growth of some stalks that are not turned in after turning. It is not suitable for interplanting rape, too early turning pressure, low biomass, less dry matter accumulation, nutrient content has not reached the peak value(blow molded nursery pots), and the effect of fertilization is reduced. 

(bulk buy plastic nursery supplies pots)When the soil moisture is not enough(plastic tree planters), the seedlings can be produced after sowing if the conditions are available, and the seedlings that are not available should be irrigated and excavated simultaneously with the fruit trees as much as possible. The technology of Interplanting rape in orchards is explained in detail(square grow pots). Orchards less than 6 years old are mainly used for Interplanting Wheat, melon and vegetable and other economic crops.

The crown of orchards more than 10 years old is tall and too shaded(fabric bags wholesale). Therefore, when farmers interplanting rape in orchards, they'd better choose 6-10-year fruit orchards. If you want to plant high-quality radish sprouts, you can't do without high-quality radish seeds. Radish sprouts taste fresh and fresh, very suitable for summer food(cell trays). But generally, the stem, stem and leaf of the plucked bolt are all returned to the field.(bulk buy plastic nursery supplies pots)

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