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Water celery is cool, hot and dry free. It grows and develops below 25 ℃(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). Its mother stem begins to sprout and grows fastest at 15-20 ℃, stops growing below 5 ℃, and can tolerate - 10 ℃(large plastic planters cheap). It is suitable to live beside rivers and paddy fields, and the clayey soil with soft soil, deep and fertile soil layer, rich in organic quality assurance fertilizer and strong hydraulic power. 

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In the process of planting, there are few diseases and insect pests, but it is also necessary to strengthen management to ensure quality and yield(105 cell seedling trays wholesale). Soil acidification, root rot and poor plant resistance. The trace elements are deficient. Annual cultivation leads to the growth and spread of bacterial residues(72 cell trays). In the growth of watercress, it is used 2-3 times, interspersed, and reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer, with an interval of 7-10 days. 

(bulk buy plastic plant pots cheap philippines)It mainly damages the leaves and causes them to die, which affects the external quality and commodity value of crops(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). What is the reason for the prevalence of leaf blight? Water celery likes cold climate and its suitable growth temperature is 15-25 ℃. Water celery is planted in deep water and kept in high temperature(plastic flower pots wholesale). The high temperature and high humidity weather conditions lead to the prevalence of leaf blight.

From transplanting to picking, farmers use a imported 15-15-15 balanced chemical fertilizer for 5 times(162 cell seed starting trays). Why is the lack of phosphorus so serious? Where is the reason? Continuous cropping leads to the growth of bacteria residues every year(72 cell trays bulk). In order to quickly pick and apply chemical fertilizer in an unscientific way, farmers increase the frequency and increase the application of chemical fertilizer, which leads to soil acidification.(bulk buy plastic plant pots cheap philippines)

The enrichment of phosphate fertilizer and the continuous high temperature lead to the production of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances in the soil, which are harmful to the root system and have weak rooting ability(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). Improve the effectiveness of phosphorus element: for example, before 15 Jin of chemical fertilizer was used in 2-3 fields, now 8-10 Jin of chemical fertilizer can be used(plastic seed trays).

(bulk buy plastic plant pots cheap philippines)In use, Baokang 200ml of water can be used to wash and drench, and Baokang will wash and drench for 2-3 times in succession for each crop of water celery(200 cell seed starting trays). Improve crop resistance and growth, in the seedling stage and growth period, use 15ml+, 5ml/30 and Jin Bao Kang 20ml+ Amy g 20ml/30 water spray(fabric plant pots). The little ball rose is actually a kind of green plant, and most green plants have a characteristic of strong adaptability.

This is the main disease of watercress(15 cell trays bulk). Health care and disease control of leaves: Jianda 8ml, Jiangong 15ml, kairun 8-10ml, Yangcai 10ml + huaxiumei 8g / 30jin water. Water celery has both medicinal value and edible value. Its output is high and relatively stable, with relatively few diseases and insect pests(1 gallon pot). Planting technology is simple. At the same time, management needs to be strengthened to produce high-quality water celery!(bulk buy plastic plant pots cheap philippines)

By chance, I saw a message saying that many flower friends were tangled about the reason why the little ball rose turned green and used it in turn(21 cell trays bulk). The little ball rose is not good-looking when it is green. Soil modification is the first condition. Improve the pH value of soil, pay attention to medium and micro amounts of supplement. Use the amigo 20ml + fulenon micro fertilizer 15g / 30jin water, because it harms the root rot(plastic plant pots bulk).

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