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Potted cactus is easy to germinate lateral buds when the growth environment is suitable(14 gallon nursery pots supplier), so we need to take the form of ramets to achieve the purpose of potted breeding, which is the process of potted cactus. So when does the cactus divide? The ramets of the cactus usually take place from April to September every year(wholesale nursery pots), but during this period, they should avoid the hot summer heat.(bulk buy plastic plant pots online australia)

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As long as the temperature of plant growth environment is maintained between 25 and 35 C, it is often possible to ramet(15 gallon nursery pots supplier), because ramification in this temperature range is more conducive to airing roots and promoting the germination of new roots. Simply put, when the side buds sprouted from potted cactus grow into silver fingers, these side buds are properly covered with soil, and when these cactus bulbs fully touch the soil(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), it will not take long for the bulbs to take root.

In this way, it is similar to the strip propagation of plants(gallon plant pots wholesale). When the root system grows and grows stronger, we can choose the opportunity to divide the basin. The potting of cactus is mainly through the mother plant to germinate pulpy small plants, and then separate the small plants from the mother plant, original and then potted separately(plug trays wholesale). When separating the mother plant and the small plant, we only need to use tools to dig out the small plant roots by roots, and then transplant it into a new pot prepared in advance.

(bulk buy plastic plant pots online australia)After peeling, it is necessary to maintain a certain humidity in the matrix, usually three weeks later(half gallon nursery pots wholesale), until the survival of the small plant. But in the process of separating the cactus from the mother plant, we should operate in accordance with the norms. On the one hand, we should avoid being stabbed by the tip of the cactus, on the other hand, we should avoid pulling and breaking the cactus with vigorous efforts(black plastic nursery pots). Otherwise, it may cause hardly healing damage to the plant, and even bring about the result of the failure of potting.

Then the wounds were sterilized and transplanted in pots(cheapest 2 gallon pots). In addition, in the process of dividing cactus into pots, the choice of pot soil is very critical, which will directly affect whether cactus plants can successfully serve pots, but also affect the later growth state. Cactus prefers fertile, loose, permeable sandy loam(plastic nursery pots wholesale), so the proportion of sandy loam to loam should be appropriate when preparing potted soil, which can improve soil permeability just now.(bulk buy plastic plant pots online australia)

However, pot-changing also needs to be combined with pruning, mainly cutting off the old and weak fine roots(2 gallon plant container wholesale), dead roots, broken roots, etc., in order to promote better rooting, better nutrient uptake and promote flowering. Cactus in the office is not suitable to be placed in the east, because the East is the earthquake palace, representing a person's career development momentum and potential(plastic nursery pots), the soil should be first exposed to strong sunshine, in order to prevent the occurrence of moss or fungi causing decay.

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