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Bulk Buy Plastic Plant Starter Trays

Lettuce can be seeded with seedlings(2 gallon nursery container wholesale price), but because of its slender and flat seeds, artificial seeding with tweezers is relatively labor-intensive, so the production is mostly carried out by means of seedbed spreading. The matrix uses peat + perlite, with perlite accounting for 20-30% by volume. The seedbed should be filled with sole water before sowing(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Low-temperature germination should also be carried out during summer sowing by placing the seeds in a refrigerator at 4 ° C for about 2 days to sow.(bulk buy plastic plant starter trays)

How to raise seedlings for cotton? When seedlings are seeded, it is recommended to use 128-hole trays(cheap 2 gallon plant pots). It can also be soaked in water for 12-24 hours before placing seeds in the freezer compartment to germination. The sowing depth should be about 0.6 cm, and after sowing, it should be covered with perlite to be level with the plug. In the low temperature season, the seedlings should pay attention to cover the heat preservation(wholesale nursery pots). In the high temperature season, the shade net should be used to cover the sunshade.

After sowing, choose the leeward sunny, easy to manage plot, 2 leaves 1 heart to 3 leaves 1 heart for the best transplant seedling age(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). Transplanting is carried out on a cloudy day, and sunny days should be transplanted in the morning or after 4 pm. Take the seedling tray when transplanting, hold the base of the cotton seedlings with your hands, gently pull out the seedlings, and try to keep the roots intact(plug trays wholesale). Root water and living water are poured in time after transplanting.

(bulk buy plastic plant starter trays)Advance germination management, generally does not rain, preferably when the temperature is above 20 °C(heavy duty plant pots), one hole and one grain, to prevent film perforation when filming, and to eliminate air bubbles under the film, in order to ensure strong seedlings, generally stir evenly) various substrates can be separated Use, can also be mixed with each other in a certain proportion(black plastic nursery pots). When 3-4 true leaves are used, transplanting can be fixed.

Tomato, eggplant, cucumber seedlings use 72-hole tray, pepper, cabbage, broccoli, etc(square grow pots). 128-hole tray, lettuce, celery, mustard, etc. 288-hole tray. What are the precautions for eggplant seedling seedling technology? The 288 hole plate is used for the seedlings of the 2 leaves, and the 128 holes are used for the 4~5 leaf seedlings(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Transplanting is directly transplanted with a small seedling or spatula to ensure that the roots are stretched and the seedlings are erect. 

The color is dark green, and the good tomato has the characteristics of high yield and good taste(heavy duty gallon pot). It is generally 45 to 50 days old, and then cleaned with water. The stronger the light, the larger and thicker the leaves, the stronger the seedlings grow, the PH value is moderate, generally For the period between 5.5 and 7.0, if the night temperature is too low, the temperature rise measures can be adopted(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Pay attention to timely ventilation and reduce the humidity in the shed.(bulk buy plastic plant starter trays)

The plug can be placed in the germination chamber to germination(11.43cm square nursery pots). Eggplant plug seedlings use intelligent, engineered and mechanized seedling technology to get rid of the constraints of natural conditions and regional restrictions, and realize the factory production of vegetables and flower seedlings. When the seedlings grow 2 leaves and 1 heart, the night temperature can be reduced to about 13 °C. What are the technical points and methods of eggplant seedling seedling raising(plastic nursery pots)? 

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