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Bulk Buy Plastic Tree Pots Cheap Price

The breeding of the stars is carried out by means of sowing(14cm plastic grow pots). The process of cultivating the seedlings is often troublesome and requires us to have enough patience. But as long as we do enough management work, we can cultivate a good quality potted plant, which can also make it shine(plastic nursery pots). However, if you are planting and breeding the seedlings of the stars, you must do the topping during the seedling cultivation. So, how do you pick the stars of the baby seedlings?(bulk buy plastic tree pots cheap price)

However, during the cultivation of the seedlings of the stars, the maintenance management work must be done well(16.5cm plastic grow pots), so as to ensure that the seedlings can thrive without adverse growth such as lengthening and lodging. First of all, to ensure that the environment is ventilated smoothly, the light is sufficient but the strength is suitable, the watering should be moist and not wet(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is recommended to use a spray method to avoid direct irrigation or to wash down the seedlings or to make the soil too humid due to the difficulty in controlling the water volume.

Generally, after each round of topping work is completed, the most important thing is to do the topping treatment in time during the seedling period(15cm plastic grow pots). This not only prevents the lengthening of the seedlings, but also promotes the branching of the seedlings and makes the plant type more full. Generally, after the seed is germinated, when the seedling grows to a height of 5 cm, we must carry out the first topping treatment(wholesale nursery pots). Not only will it increase the risk of being long, but the branches and leaves will be less and the stems will grow very small.

(bulk buy plastic tree pots cheap price)However, the topping is not one step at a time, and the same seedlings will sprout new branches(19cm plastic grow pots). When the branches grow to a certain length, the branches will continue to be topped to promote the germination of more side branches. The topping work in the seedling stage is not good, which not only affects the effect of the late plant type, but also affects the growth of the plant(black plastic nursery pots). Therefore, we must be timely and reasonable in the seedling stage.

The topping of the seedlings is not limited to the stalks(16cm plastic grow pots). When the lateral branches grow more than 2 leaves, it is necessary to perform the topping treatment on the side branches, so that the branches of the seedlings are more and more. Not only that, but the seedlings should also pay attention to topping after the basin. The topping treatment after the upper basin is generally carried out after 20-30 days of colonization(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). At that time, the seedlings have probably grown to a height of about 10 cm, and 6-7 leaves may have sprouted on the stems.

(bulk buy plastic tree pots cheap price)After we have topped the main branches, we also need to look down the main branches to find the new side branches(20cm plastic grow pots), and then carry out the necessary topping treatment on the side branches. However, in general, we do not directly remove the tip of the branch by hand, and it is also prone to infection. It is generally recommended to use scissors to cut off the top of the branch(plug trays wholesale). This ensures that the wound stays smooth while avoiding excessive damage to the shoots and is not conducive to healing.

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