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Bulk Buy Square Plastic Plant Trays Philippines

The bamboo forest land with thick soil layer, loose texture, rich organic matter, good ventilation and drainage, 50% - 70% canopy and 20 ° - 40 ° slope is selected(72 cell propagation trays). From November to January of the next year, the bamboo forest is cultivated by digging winter shoots(162 cell plug trays supplier). The old bamboo piles are removed, the stones are removed, the weeds and dead branches and leaves are turned into the soil, and the soil blocks are broken.

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The ditch shall be opened along the horizontal direction of the bamboo forest, with a width of 15-20cm and a depth of 5-10cm(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). It is mainly composed of nitrogen and potassium, and the amount of phosphorus is less, but it can not be lacked. When the height of seedlings is 3-5cm, the first topdressing can be carried out(128 cell plant trays bulk). Water less in winter. If the temperature is kept at 5-8 ℃, flowers will bloom continuously in winter and spring.

(bulk buy square plastic plant trays philippines)The distance between adjacent ditches shall be 45-55cm(gallon pot). Apply sufficient base fertilizer at the bottom of the ditch, try to apply fertilizer on one side close to the ditch, and leave space for planting on the other side(105 cell plant trays bulk). Evenly spread 1500-2000kg / 667m2 of fully mature farmyard fertilizer and 15-20kg / 667m2 of plant ash as the base fertilizer, plough once, and turn to a depth of 20-30cm, so that the fertilizer and soil are fully mixed.

At this time, there is a large demand for nitrogen fertilizer(200 cell plug trays supplier). One portion of mature human feces and urine can be mixed with 4-5 portions of water, and the dosage is 1000-1500kg / 667m2. At the same time, 20-30kg urea can be added to the roots to promote the rapid growth of seedlings(72 cell plant trays bulk). The accumulated water shall be removed in real time to avoid Waterlogging Damage, and the watering times shall be controlled in winter.

I'm sure everyone is thinking about how to plant asparagus(seed starting trays). Every 667m2, 1500-2000kg of decomposed diluted human feces, 20-30kg of urea, 30-45kg of potassium sulfate and 20-25kg of superphosphate were applied. At the peak of growth, in addition to necessary watering, it is also necessary to spray clean water on the surface of the leaves(50 cell plug trays supplier). The growth period of Houttuynia cordata should be fertilized 1-2 times.(bulk buy square plastic plant trays philippines)

The hardwood cutting branches should choose the fully lignified robust branches for cutting(square grow pots). Because the weather is still low in February to March, after the cutting work is completed, if the outdoor temperature is not suitable It is suitable for the growth of Pinus arvensis to be planted in a mild place indoors(105 cell plug trays supplier). The planting process of asparagus is mainly in the early stage, but in the later stage, we don't need to ask questions.

(bulk buy square plastic plant trays philippines)At the same time, the fertility of the soil is required to be high, and the drainage is also good(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The development of under forest economy is an effective way to develop bamboo forest in depth, which has huge development potential(32 cell plug trays supplier). If the hardwood cutting method is adopted, it needs to be carried out in February to March every year, and the material of the selected branches is also different. Do not apply any fertilizer 30 days before harvest.

It can effectively improve the intensive management level of bamboo forest, promote the upgrading of forestry industrial structure, and improve the management efficiency(32 cell seed starter trays). In spring, summer and autumn, the peak period of growth is spring, summer and autumn(200 cell plant trays bulk). At this time, the main application of liquid nitrogen fertilizer twice a month, or the application of fully decomposed cake fertilizer water every 20-30 days, is conducive to plant growth.

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