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Bulk Buy Tiny Plastic Plant Pots Cheap

As long as the curing conditions are appropriate, it will ensure that it can maintain strong growth(black plastic plant pots). Bougainvillea is very tender after sprouting, and its vitality is relatively fragile, especially its buds. Therefore, the maintenance management of the nursery period is very crucial. Then, how to maintain the bougainvillea after the teeth? In the previous article, after the germination of the bougainvillea(square nursery pots), in order to ensure that it can maintain normal growth, we must pay attention to the issue of conservation management.(bulk buy tiny plastic plant pots cheap)

Pay attention to the management of light and water and fertilizer(gallon nursery pots). As long as the light and water and fertilizer conditions are satisfied and suitable, the cutting seedlings can grow well. I would like to share with you the maintenance management work after the germination of the bougainvillea, I hope to help everyone. After the sprouting of the bougainvillea seedlings, it is necessary to gradually provide light(seed starter trays). However, many potted friends cut the bougainvillea in the spring, and in some areas in the spring and summer of May-June cutting.

(bulk buy tiny plastic plant pots cheap)If the light is too long and the light is too strong, because the young seedlings of the brocade are unbearable(cell trays), they will often wither due to excessive water loss, thus affecting their normal growth. But after all, the seedlings should promote photosynthesis and accelerate growth by receiving light. Therefore, Xiaobian is also a step-by-step process to provide lighting today(wholesale greenhouse pots). It is also necessary to control the time and intensity of sunshine while providing light, so as to avoid sunburn damage.

Therefore, when the bougainvillea seedlings have just sprouted(gallon plant pot), the growth rate is gradually increasing and more water is needed to maintain the growth, but we can't overfill it at the beginning of the period. Generally, the principle of water supply “see dry and wet” is adopted. The watering must be moderate and the frequency should be controlled. As the weather gets hotter, the temperature rises gradually(greenhouse supplies pots), the amount of water evaporation increases, and the growth of seedlings also consumes a certain amount of water.

(bulk buy tiny plastic plant pots cheap)Excessive watering often causes the sprouts of the seedlings to wither and even die(plug trays). Especially in the southern region, the temperature will gradually increase during this period, and the intensity of sunlight will gradually increase. Water can be replenished as appropriate according to the dry and wet state of the soil. To judge whether there is water shortage in the basin, we can judge by listening to the sound by gently tapping the outer wall of the basin(plastic grow pots). Xiaobian has mentioned it many times and will not repeat it here.

If it is a bougainvillea, it uses cuttings to breed young plants, and the survival rate is very high(propagation tray). However, when the flowering period reaches the winter, it is generally not necessary to take water control measures to reduce water intake, and there is a degree of watering in the back. It is generally said that the water needed to maintain the life of the plant can be, and in order to prolong the flowering period, watering is very important(flat plastic tray). The so-called: do not water, potted small fertilizer foot flowering, glare and high temperature flowering early.

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