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Bulk Buying Cheap 20 Gallon Nursery Pots Europe

The cold winter is coming, and the flowers and plants of the flower idiots are also receiving great care every day(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). In winter, in order to maintain and manage flowers and plants, different management measures must be taken according to the characteristics of different orchid varieties. As the temperature decreases, even cold-tolerant flowers need to take measures to prevent cold and winter(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), not to mention that most flowers and green plants are not cold-resistant, so how to maintain the flowers in winter is one of the troubles of each flower friend. How to raise flowers requires attention.

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(bulk buying cheap 20 gallon nursery pots europe)Flower plants can be warmed by the following methods: water splashing on the ground(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). The winter climate is relatively dry, pouring some water into the room, keeping a certain air humidity, and raising the indoor temperature by 1 °C - 2 °C. Square environment. The square-shaped room has the best warmth, so it's best to put the flowers in a square room. Keep warm and ventilated(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Doors and windows that are not opened are best sealed with a cloth strip, and a warm cloth curtain is attached to the glass at night.

When the window is sewn(12 cell propagation trays wholesale), the transparent plastic film is nailed to the outdoor window frame, so that the new air insulation layer is added, so that the room is not dim, and the room temperature can be increased by 3 ° C - 5 ° C. Wonderful use of warm colors. In the winter, the room is decorated with warm colors. Use plastic wrap to retain heat. Households with floor-to-ceiling windows can retain heat by attaching a glass insulation film and applying a thermal insulation coating(seedling trays wholesale). Symptoms of physiological diseases of flowers are sometimes not easily distinguished from certain infectious diseases, especially viral diseases.

(bulk buying cheap 20 gallon nursery pots europe)The main symptoms of common physiological diseases are: The first is the discoloration of leaves(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). Leaf color becomes lighter, or turns yellow, white, or produces red, yellow, or purple spots. If some nutrients are insufficient, it will easily cause discoloration of the leaves of the plants. For example, when the plant is deficient in iron, the new leaves will yellow; the lack of manganese will cause the yellowing of the mesophyll to form yellow spots; the deficiency of phosphorus and potassium will also cause the leaves to lose green and wither(black plastic nursery pots). The second is necrosis. Local necrosis in the plant produces dead spots.

For example, the most common symptoms caused by cold damage to flower plants are discoloration(36 cell propagation trays wholesale), necrosis and spots on the surface; lack of nutrient element boron can cause spoilage and necrosis of the base of young leaves. The third is fallen leaves, fallen flowers and fallen fruits. For example, when the temperature changes drastically, the light intensity will cause drastic changes; the lack of nutrient element phosphorus will lead to early defoliation; the lack of phosphorus will also appear the phenomenon of falling flowers and falling buds(plastic nursery pots wholesale); after flower bud differentiation, the watering is improper, the soil suddenly wets and wets. It is also easy to cause falling buds and falling flowers.

(bulk buying cheap 20 gallon nursery pots europe)The fourth is dwarf, long, small leaf or small fruit(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). For example, the lack of nutrient magnesium, the plant will appear dwarf; lack of nutrient element sulfur, the plant also becomes short, the leaves become slender; lack of nutrient element nitrogen, the leaves become smaller, but too much nitrogen, it will cause the plant The length of the light; the lack of light, the plants will also produce long. The fifth is wilting. For example, if the plant is not watered enough, it will cause wilting. On the contrary, if the basin water accumulates, the plant roots are deprived of oxygen, which affects the respiration(plastic nursery pots), and also affects the water absorption of the roots, and the plants will also cause wilting.

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