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Bulk Large Decorative Plastic Planters Cheap

There are many things to pay attention to when applying fertilizer to pitaya fruit(nursery tray price). The editor has sorted out a piece of fertilizer application technology and precautions for pitaya fruit, hoping to be helpful for everyone's planting. Fertilization began 20 days after the seedling of Huolong fruit was planted(plug trays). When the last batch of fruit was collected, the drip line around the tree crown was around.

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Before the result, urea and compound fertilizer were mainly applied twice a month, 25 g urea was applied once for each plant, and 50 g urea was applied again for Hefei(large plastic hanging baskets). The two fertilizers were used alternately. The field experiment shows that the application of nitrogen fertilizer has a continuous effect of increasing production, while the effect of phosphorus fertilizer is shown in the first two years(seed starting trays). Potassium and trace elements (B, Cu, Zn, Mn) have a better effect on the increase of yield in the later period.

(bulk large decorative plastic planters cheap)Organic fertilizer is the main fertilizer applied to the fruiting plants of Pitaya to improve the quality of fruit(small plastic garden pots), and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can also be applied as the main fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer as the auxiliary fertilizer, 1 kg of superphosphate, 1 kg of potassium sulfate and 0.5 kg of urea can be applied to each column(black plastic plant pots). In July, October and March of the next year, pitaya is fertilized three times, each with 1.2kg/plant of cow manure compost and 200g / plant of compound fertilizer.

For high quality and high yield cultivation(large plastic plant containers outdoor), it is recommended to apply 80 kg / ha of nitrogen in the first year, 20 kg / ha of phosphorus pentoxide in the second and third years, 10 kg / ha of potassium oxide, 5 kg of boron / ha, and 10 kg / ha of copper, zinc and molybdenum in the third year(square grow pots). The bio organic fertilizer with cow manure and pig manure as raw materials can be used for these fields. Huolongguo likes fertilizer and bears barren.(bulk large decorative plastic planters cheap)

We should pay attention to the production of green pepper in the future(15 inch plastic plant pots). Today's Xiaobian recommends a better fertilizer - fertilizer bacterial fertilizer, rooting and seedling, flower and fruit conservation. In addition, it can replace top dressing, thick stem and expanded fruit(seed starter trays). Reasonable application can ensure that huolongguo is drought resistant and water conservation, bacteriostatic and disease resistant, even fruit, bright color, detoxification and damage relief, sugar coloring.

Each column was supplemented with compound fertilizer once to promote the development of new branches(large plastic tree containers). Generally, when winter fertilizer is applied to winter jujube trees, 0.25-0.30 kg of magnesium sulfate, 0.15-0.20 kg of borax, zinc sulfate and ferrous sulfate shall be added to each plant. After fully mixing and mixing with other fertilizers, ring shallow ditches 25-30 cm in depth and width shall be dug to cover the soil(wholesale greenhouse pots). There are two outstanding problems to be solved in the large-scale production of green pepper based fertilizer abroad.

(bulk large decorative plastic planters cheap)One is the use of chicken manure year after year, resulting in the aggravation of soil salinization(black plastic pots wholesale). Second, the use of green pepper based fertilizer should avoid excessive use once, resulting in fertilizer damage. Some of our farmers are smart enough to think that green pepper needs a lot of fertilizer. They pay close attention to the inconvenient operation in the field(flat plastic tray). They often use too much fertilizer at one time, resulting in the dead seedlings of green pepper after transplanting.

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