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The fragrant flower of Ruixiang is strong and the plant shape and leaf color are beautiful, so it is very popular among families(plug trays wholesale). It blooms around the cold winter festival, and people think that it is auspicious, it is called "Ruixiang." The flowering period of Ruixiang is due to the disappearance of the group(plastic terracotta pots wholesale), and its fragrance is also a mixed fragrance type. 

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(bulk nursery pots plastic cheap)Especially in the case of freezing damage, avoid the scorching sun, and the summer heat should be shaded(wholesale nursery pots). It is now winter and needs to be housed for maintenance. During the day, it should be placed in the south window to receive the sunlight. When Ruixiang is defeated, there may be some sporadic small flowers on the potted plants that are still open. 

It should not be placed in the window at night, and it should be moved to a place no lower than 5 °C. In addition, we must pay attention to its avoidance: avoid the basin soil is too wet, avoid heavy fertilizer and fat, avoid alkaline soil, avoid rain, avoid boil, ants and other insects in the basin(12cm plastic grow pots). Ruixiang has been near flowering, especially in the above points, so as not to fall buds.

It likes astigmatism(black plastic nursery pots). It is necessary to pay attention to the Phnom Penh leaves of Phnom Penh. If the gold and the green are bright, the leaves are straight and upward, indicating that the fertilizer is normal. If the leaves are drooping, it is rich, partial, partial or watering. Too much, too diligent, to find out the reasons for taking measures. It is said that there is a monk who sleeps on the rock in the mountains of Lushan. 

The upper branches and leaves are also cut off accordingly. Too much watering, easy to correct; if the fertilizer is not used properly, you can pour the water several times in a row, let the fertilizer flow out of the basin(12.5cm plastic grow pots), and then put it in a ventilated place to promote the quick drying of the soil. In addition, it is also more shade-tolerant, which is not expected for potted growers or flower viewers.(bulk nursery pots plastic cheap)

(bulk nursery pots plastic cheap)If it is a rotten root, it must be turned over, the rotten roots cut off, washed with fungicides, planted in the sand to make it a new root(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is not advisable to use base fertilizer for potting soil, and liquid fertilizer should be applied in due course. He is awakened by the aroma in his sleep, and then finds the flower plant and named it "sleeping". 

The liquid fertilizer is soy water (the soybeans are ground or boiled for at least one year(120mm plastic grow pots). The animal fertilizer is irritatingly mixed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate water (high-efficiency quick-acting phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and the crystal particles are diluted with a thousand times water). good. Must not be too much, can not apply big fertilizer, but can not apply heavy fertilizer.

The basin soil is mainly sandy soil with slightly neutral acidity(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If it is close to the Yangtze River, it can take river sand and river sand on the shore when the winter is dry. Where there is no river, you can take red sand or use the red sand of the factory cast workshop. In addition, it is necessary to mix 40% of humus soil, pine needle soil, clay soil, rice husk ash and the like(14cm plastic grow pots).

Because of the mildness of the soy bean, the variety of Ruixiang is the best in Jinbian(plastic nursery pots). Then, people often prefer that Phnom Penh Ruixiang has a good flowering effect. After all, the plants consume a lot of nutrients during the flowering period, and the growth is slow and weak. However, the concentration of fertilization must be controlled well(13cm plastic grow pots). It was called "the fragrant flower" in the old days.

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